Taking a bite on Big Better Burgers

Remember the time when I finally got myself to eat beef again? This was after a long hiatus following the mad cow scare. Since then, I never looked back...from burgers to steaks and a lot more, I treat myself to a slab of melt-in-your-mouth premium beef once in a while.

Of course, I enjoy a good piece of burger when the craving calls for it. Note though that I can be pretty picky with my burger. I realized this when I joined an afternoon burger taste test with my colleagues wherein we had to blindly taste three different burgers not so long ago. There, I was able to distinguished one from the other from the quality of the bun, the tenderness of the meat and a lot more. I like my burger patty to be really juicy, the type that will make me go "mmmmm" after my first bite. I love the bun soft yet not the type that I have to pull and struggle with. Lastly, I love a good amount of toppings..something savory and that will perfectly complement my burger patty. A burger like this is hard to find, in history I think I have only tasted two that somehow matches this dream criteria.

Enter, Big Better Burgers. It was actually my first time to hear about this after receiving an invite from fellow blogger Jane. We arrived at SM Cubao just right on time but had a little difficulty finding our way around. Finally, we found our way out of the department store and straight to the rows of restaurant where BBB was located. We joined our fellow bloggers whom we've began to form a tight group called The Club with.

Soon enough, we catched up by ordering a couple of burgers and our own potato accompaniments. Luckily, Abet and Joan agreed to share with us and we were able to sample 5 delicious burgers that evening. Let me share with you the different burgers that we have sampled and you should watch out for:

Bacon Barbecue Burger (Php. 150).
I'm not really a big fan of bacon but this one I'm willing to make an exception for. The bacon was pretty lean and the barbecue ranch sauce gives a western feel to this special burger.

Mushroom Loco (Php. 147).
A very subtle burger that I think my mom will like. It has a generous amount of button mushrooms sauteed in burgundy sauce and a layer of quezoloco, BBB's best-selling dip. Who would have thought you can have cheese and button mushroom with your burger?

BBB One Third Pounder (Php. 105).
For those who just wants it meaty less the frills. This is the perfect choice for you. This is BBB's basic burger with the works -- lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a drizzle of mayonnaise.

Double Dare (Php. 161).
Fo those who wants more than the usual -- get a double patty burger! I had a hard time biting into this resorting to just breaking it down section by section. Yep, it's pretty high!

Shiitake Teriyaki Burger (Php. 147).
My personal favorite. I love the salty-sweet mushroom on top of my beefy burger. The cheese sauce was subtle but pleasant. I will definitely go back for more of this.

Over-all I liked how the patty was juicy and tender, no struggling was needed and I'm glad that it was grilled to perfection. The sauces and toppings were there to accompany the patty but not to overshadow it. I love their creative offerings and can't wait to go back for more.

BBB is the perfect place to satisfy your sudden burger craving. The price points are very affordable too!

* photo credit : Paul Ang

Check BBB out at the Ground Floor of SM Cubao. They also have branches at SM North EDSA Annex, SM Fairview Annex 2 and Shoppes @ Victoria in Timog.

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