You Jie Xiao Chao: Hidden Hunan Discovery

Coming from my much-awaited birthday leave yesterday, my boss treated us out to lunch. We have been talking about this hidden Chinese restaurant near The Power Plant Mall and finally set the date to try it out ourselves.

On our way out of the office, we suddenly realized that neither one of us knows the exact direction to the restaurant. Thanks to fellow blogger Chris we finally found it after taking 2-3 detours and u-turns.

There was not a single signage in front rather the gate simply has the house number and a bond paper Job Opening announcement. Not even the next door neighbor knows that they have a Hunan restaurant right beside them. It was definitely a one-of-a-kind hidden food destination that I've been to.

We were actually the first customers there. The interiors is simple, white walls with wooden tables and chairs. On each table is a simple looking round tissue holder. I love their menu as it has photos of every single dish available! This is perfect for those who are not familiar with Hunan cuisine as they can just point out the dishes that they'd like to order.

Following the blog entries and tips taken from friends, we got the Duck Hot Pot We've heard a lot of raves about this one and obviously have high hopes that it won't disappoint.

Next on the list was the Fried Dumplings which is actually a staple in most casual Chinese eateries.

My colleague K was curious about their Fried Spareribs and so we got a plate to share.

Lastly, I chose the Mapo Tofu to balance out our very meaty lunch.

First to arrive was the fried dumpling, it came with a spicy soy sauce mixture that perked up the subtle taste of the pork dumplings. I love how crunchy the outside was and yet it stayed soft inside. Careful as you take a bite as it is served straight from the kitchen and the dumplings are piping hot!

Next was the Mapo Tofu. I was really expecting this to be loaded with chili but I'm glad that it was not spicy at all. Instead it has a delicious garlic-sweet flavor that I liked very much. It's so good it will definitely make you eat more rice!

Speaking of rice, you may enjoy as much rice as you want. Just pay P20 and you get free access to their rice cooker for more refills.

Finally, our Duck Hot Pot was served and I just have to note that their presentation is pretty good. You can see the huge dried chili and a number of duck pieces that smells so good! It somehow reminded me of the duck sibot soup that I had a couple of weeks ago. This is definitely a must-order. I enjoyed every single piece of duck that I bravely took the last piece to finish the dish off.

Last was the Fried Spareribs. We all noticed how hard it was which is unlikely for pork spareribs that's supposed to just fall-off-the-bone. Perhaps this will be the only dish that I will not repeat on my next visit.

Over-all the dining experience was different and something I would like to bring Paul to try. I'm definitely looking forward to taste their other specialties!

You Jie Xiao Chao is located at 6404 Camia Street, Makati City. Call them at 0915-4252972, 0927-7876999

Driving directions: From EDSA, turn right as you reach Estrella, turn right at Gumamela street (this is the street right after College of Sta. Rosa) and turn left at Camia street. You Jie Xiao Chao is near Kozcutz.

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