Heaven on my Plate

This week was very stressful...both at work and for my personal life. With so many pending tasks calling out my name all at the same time, I just wish I can just close my eyes and everything will just move around in a snap.

However, if there's one moment this week when I hope time would just stand still and things would go in slow mo, it would be during my lunch last Wednesday with my sister. We felt like one of the girls of Sex and the City enjoying their lunch out in a lovely restaurant with the best tasting food.

Yes, I felt like I was in heaven for two hours away from the office.

Well, I just had the most delicious crepe I've ever tasted in my life and I enjoyed this with a glass of bubbly too!

Crespella with Tartufo Sauce

Crepe stuffed with ham and cheese and covered with rich, creamy truffle sauce...need I say more?

Definitely found heaven on my plate. 

Let me tell you more about this particular lunch in the following days. Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend everyone and advance Happy Father's Day!

You can enjoy this crepe at L'incontro located along Reposo street, Makati City.


  1. Hi Frances,

    Sorry a, I message-d you sa YM, about your mom's details, kasi I lost the calling card she gave me last Entrep Event.

    Can you email me na lang. Thanks!



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