A Market at the Mall : Eastwood Gourmet Market

Last Saturday, I took some time out to go around the mall on my own. After getting so tensed and stressed out on my never-ending things to do, I decided that it's about time to enjoy some me-time. I've always enjoyed going around the Eastwood Mall. While the mall still has a limited number of stores and majority of which are high end shops, I enjoy the ambiance and the fact that I can roam around in peace.

A new signage caught my eye: Weekend Gourmet Market.

I've been to a number of weekend markets and all have brought about delightful experiences. I enjoy eating my way around as I chat with the stall owners while learning more about their products.

The Eastwood Weekend Market is probably the smallest weekend market that I've been to but hey, I'm not complaining. I love it that it's inside the mall which means we do not have to sweat under the sun.

What I hope the mall admins would add though are tables and chairs. Take for example, a stall selling Paella. I've been craving for paella for months and I have to stop myself from buying simply because there's no place for me to sit down and enjoy this. Thus, I have to wait till I get home to be able to enjoy the things that I bought. While roaming around, I chanced upon another stall that sells dressings and cheeses. The friendly stall owner, Rica, allowed me to try every single dressing and cheese spreads on display. It was love at first taste with her Comida Rica Spinach Cheese mixture. It reminded me of my very own Spinach Artichoke Dip that I love to serve to my friends and relatives whenever they come over.

I finally got myself a bottle to take home. I was so excited to try it again that I actually had crackers and cheese for lunch and the lunch the next day.

Cheezy Shrimp and Spinach Pasta

On the third day, not wanting to have crackers again, I mixed this with cooked pasta and tossed in a couple of shrimps too. Tadah! A new pasta dish! :)

The Eastwood Gourmet Market will be there for all weekends of June 2010!! :)

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