Grocery Pick : Dona Elena Spanish Sardines

I love breakfast food!

Nothing perks my day up more than a plate of garlic rice, sunny-side up egg and a choice of meat or fish! I can eat breakfast all day and can never get tired of it. Luckily, my mom discovered a new grocery item that has became a staple on our breakfast table every so often. Dona Elena's Spanish Sardines are packed with iodine and protein plus it has less cholesterol than indulging in those mouth-watering crispy pork bacon early in the morning. It comes in three variants: in Pure Olive Oil, in Corn Oil and Mild Spicy in Corn Oil.

Imagine her glee when a big green bag arrived filled with three types of Spanish sardines and two bottles of olive oil. We love using olive oil on our pasta, baked meats and fishes and a lot more! Now I'm thinking of preparing paella soon! Got to fish out that recipe that I've been keeping for a long time!

Doña Elena Spanish Sardines and Olive Oil are available in all leading supermarkets!

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