Turning 28 at Yuujin

In our family, one's birthday celebration does not begin and end on our respective birth dates itself rather it starts a couple of days (even a week) before and ends one to two weeks after. However, what remains constant is that intimate birthday dinner that we always look forward to with just the 5 of us.

This year, my mom, sensing my craving for Uni Sushi decided to celebrate my birthday at Yuujin Japanese Restaurant along Wilson street. We're a family who loves Japanese food and we love sashimi and sushi with loads of wasabi!

Yuujin reminded me of my favorite Sugi Restaurant that my family used to frequent on a weekly basis. With the wooden furnitures and brown/white color scheme they should have added some tatami rooms to add more authenticity to the entire feel.

I allowed myself to fully enjoy our dinner that I almost forgot to take photo had it not been for Paul who reminded me before I almost dove for the sushi platter. My apologies also for not getting the exact names of the dishes.

My mom ordered a feast for 5! Here's what we had for my special birthday dinner. :)

Agadashi Tofu (complimentary starter)
It was a good starter with the tofu soft and silky and the soy sauce light and yummy. I love how the tofu held together even after slicing it up with my chopstick.

Sweet Eggplant
As much as we love sushi and sashimi, my family (expect yours truly) loves eggplant too. Just imagine how happy my mom was upon learning that Paul loves this particular vegetable too! This dish is a staple for as long as my parents, sister and Paul is present. While this may not be my favorite vegetable, I love how Yuujin has successfully masked the slimey, bitter taste that I am not fond off. I found myself enjoying 5 tiny pieces that evening.

Sushi Platter
Since we love all types of sushi and sashimi, this is the best way to satisfy everyone -- getting a platter with a wide assortment for everyone to enjoy. My favorites in this platter were the tuna sashimi sushi, salmon sashimi and of course the tamago roll! Furthermore, I love Yuujin tamago, it is sweet and firm to the bite making me wish the platter had more than one tamago.

Uni Sushi
Oh I was in Uni heaven.
Although I got to admit that Omakase's Uni was less slimey, I still enjoyed two Uni rolls that evening. No wonder one order only has 2 pieces because one is really enough to be enjoyed and to leave a lasting memory. Uni is really something... I love its creamy, buttery texture and a flavor that reminds us of the sea.

Tenderloin Teppanyaki
We enjoyed the tender tenderloin steak that goes perfectly well with Yuujin's fragrant white rice.

Green Tea Soba
My sister, a fan of Japanese cuisine that she was the one teaching us how to enjoy this particular dish by pouring the entire contents of the quail egg into the soy sauce mixture and mixing as much wasabi as we want then later pouring the sauce on to the green tea noodles. Despite being a bit full already with our sushi and steak fest, we managed to enjoy the noodles. It was very tasty and I didn't taste any bit of the raw egg which was really the only thing we were hesitant about at first.

After learning from my sister that we were there for my birthday, the sweet staff of Yuujin surprised me with a special song number and presented a delicious dessert! Thank you guys! :)

While the taste of Yuujin is still inferior versus Sugi, our dinner was nonetheless enjoyable and for me, it was truly memorable.

Yuujin is located at 221 Wilson Street, Greenhills in San Juan City. Call them at 727-5291.

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