I can't believe I'm running out of time... I started working on our travel itinerary late last year and up until now my excel file is still half-empty. I, more or less, have filled up the 1st leg of our trip which will be at the Lion City but the 2nd leg which will be in Malaysia (particularly in Kuala Lumpur) is still open to all your suggestions on the following:

- where to go?
- historical landmarks we can visit
- where to eat?
- where to shop?

Would love to hear your suggestions :) Please do not hesitate to drop me a comment or email as I am dying to fill up our honeymoon itinerary.

Thank you dear readers :) I promise to come back with lots of stories and photos to share with everyone.

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  1. hi frannywanny i'm one of your avid reader here in cavite check out my husband blogsite for some of the places you can visit in KL Malaysia

    best wishes :-) in advance


  2. where to go in KL?? i'll send you an email when I get home... you can check out or search KL hop on hop off buses... :) for the tours... you can shop at bintang walk...

  3. Hey Fran, how many days are you spending in KL? And do you need to go back to SG or will you be flying out of KL?

    I strongly suggest you go to Malacca. You can go there before heading to KL or before heading back to SG. There are buses from SG that go straight to Malacca. It's a UNESCO World Heritage town, and it's gorgeous. I highly recommend that you stay overnight, instead of just going for a day trip. And do try to go on a weekday, since it can be packed on the weekend.

    If you like coffee, do drop by the Aik Cheong store in Malacca. Their instant coffee is so good! Perfect pasalubong or even just for your own enjoyment. Interesting pa kasi it's in a tea bag!

    In KL, go to the Beryl's chocolate factory. It's basically a shop full of chocolates and you can try before you buy. They have some very interesting variants, but my favorite is still the Tiramisu.

    Oh, don't bother going up to the Petronas skybridge. Too much effort to queue up and nothing special naman when you go up. You can check out their exhibit naman without having to line up.

  4. Hi,

    If your going to KL you have to go to Jalan Alor and try their butter prawns! They serve it differently over there and its absolutely awesome!

  5. I agree with Nina above, go to Malacca if time permits, the food and historical sites are worth the visit.

    In KL, a visit to Jalan Alor for a hawker-style dinner MUST be in your itinerary. You might also want to check out Nando's Pero-Peri Chicken, they have branches in 26 countries but we don't have that here in Manila, the chicken in Nando's is awesome.

  6. You definitely must try Nando's for their Chicken Peri-Peri!

    Also Restoran Oversea (at Jalan Imbi) for their Char Siew and Suckling Pig.

    Then if you are going to Malacca, Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls is a must!

  7. thanks so much for your tips!! :) i've been viewing your blog links as well as listing down malacca, beryl's chocolate factory, nando's peri peri as part of our itinerary :)

    thanks so much!!!

  8. just got back from KL
    CUCHA for Sting ray and PENANG Char Kway Teow
    all of them are in JALAN ALOR
    do email me if your in Singapore

  9. Hi Fran,

    I got back from KL a month and a half ago. It's only now that I've started to blog our experiences there. I'm not done with my top 10 list but you can check part of it at:

    The 5 that I have yet to write about are:
    1.) Genting Highlands (Don't miss the buffet at Coffee Terrace and that cable car ride)
    2.) For authentic Malaysian fare, dine at Madame Kwan's at Suria KLCC or Pavilion (where I had my best meal at KL)
    3.) Get on the Hop On, Hop Off bus to see all the attractions (National Museum, National Palace, KL Bird Park, etc.)
    4.) Go to the Islamic Museum and after the tour, have teh tarik and dessert at their super cool cafe/resto
    5.) Shopping at the Bukit Bintang Malls (My fave: Starhill, Pavilion and for cheap finds: BB Plaza)

    Ooooh and there's one more pala: Of course, the Petronas. ;-)


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