Buffalo Wings Test: Carol's Texan 5

After reading Jane's Top 10 Buffalo Wings list, I suddenly found myself craving for a basket of mouth-watering crunchy chicken wings coated to perfection with sauce that's not too spicy nor not too sweet. It was one Sunday morning when we thought of inviting two of Paul's siblings to join us for lunch at Carol's Texan 5 which was conveniently located just a couple of minutes away from my in-law's place. It's a good thing they were game to go with us.

The place was empty as opposed to its normal night scene with a busy bar nearby. The procedure was to order at the counter, pay the bill and wait for your food to be delivered to your table.

My brother-in-law A chose the Texan Beef Cheese Steak (Php. 155) which he said was just a-ok. It looks like he was not fully satisfied as he helped himself to our orders.

My sister-in-law M, on the other hand, chose the Tomato Basil Pasta with Shrimp (Php. 220). We were told that this was one of their best-sellers and for the price, we were expecting for it to be hefty enough to share. We were surprised to see that the pasta was just good for one and it was a good thing we ordered two more dishes to share amongst ourselves or we would still be hungry.

Paul and I have been hearing raves about their ribs and this was what we zeroed in while scanning the menu. The Ribs (Php. 385), as we were told were very tender and that the meat literally falls of the bone. It was a good thing we ordered this as we all enjoyed digging into the tender meat and I love the buttered veggies that came with it. This was a good choice, indeed!

Last but not the least, we got the Dynamite Wings (Php. 175) and specifically requested for them to lessen the spicy sauce. Six pieces literally meant six chicken cuts and not six chicken wings as what we're normally used to. The chicken was tiny, definitely not very buffalo-like. However, we liked the fries and the white creamy sauce. My sister-in-law and I enjoyed dipping our fries into the sauce while the boys filled up their plates with ketchup. I would have liked it better had they added more pieces or made the wings bigger. Perhaps it's because we told them to hold on to the spicy sauce that the wings also turned out to be a bit dry. There's still a lot of room for improvement for Carol's Dynamite Wings here.

I love the bright, clean ambiance of Carol's Texan5 and I look forward to enjoying their ribs again. Perhaps I should also try other dishes and maybe there might be more interesting discoveries on my next visit.

Carol's Texan5 is located at 2F 713 J. Abad Santos St., Little Baguio
San Juan City. (beside Moksha Bar, across AlexIII)

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