Grocery Pick : Rio Mints

Look what arrived at my doorstep the other day!

A lovely purple round box that got me guessing what must be inside.

Pulling on the purple ribbon, I opened the box and saw four handy tin containers. Pretty aren't they?

I've been a mints fan and I always believe that this is one thing you should not leave home without. Imagine what if you just enjoyed a delicious garlic-themed lunch at Krazy Garlik and you don't have mints to freshen up your breath as you head back to the coffee. Also, I rely on my can of mints to calm me down right before a big presentation. That familiar burst of minty flavor to cool my breath giving me that additional confidence that I need.

I'm new to Rio Mints and I was excited to give it a try. There are four flavors to choose from: Burgundy Grape (which I think my friend Richard might like), Pink Grapefruit, Honey Melon and Green Tea and Peppermint.

I went for the Pink Grapefruit and I liked the tangy flavor of the grapefruit as I just let the mint candy melt in my mouth. What more, I found out that these mints are sugar-free and some comes with additional nutritional benefits too. Take the Pink Grapefruit for example, each mint is loaded with Vitamin C! The Honey Melon, on the other hand, has Beta Carotene! Not bad, huh?

For those who wants the taste of menthol then I guess the Green Tea and Peppermint is for you. I have yet to try this as I'm curious how matcha green tea would taste like when combined with cool Peppermint.

Reading the Label

I was told that one step to living and eating healthy is to read the labels. Thus, even with these mints, I did. It says that Rio Mints are low in calories and they contain Xylitol which helps guard our teeth from cavities.

I'm loving the pink little container of Pink Grapefruit Mints in my bag right now.

Check Rio Mints out as these are available in Watsons, True Value, PCX, The Landmark and in other leading supermarkets nationwide.

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