Let's Twist Again!

I guess it must be part of McDonald's marketing strategy and it's actually working!!!

Every year, they release their delicious Twister Fries (Php. 58) for just a limited time and the whole country goes crazy about it!

This has been a long time childhood favorite and the day they re-launch this never fails to put me in a very good mood. The Twister Fries came a bit late this year versus last year when it was re-launched late June.

Today was the first launch and I made it a point to pass by McDonald's on my way home to buy myself some Twister Fries.

I find it very crunchy and I enjoyed munching into the thin curly strips that goes perfectly well with my favorite Fillet O' Fish sandwich.

Welcome back Twister Fries!!!


  1. wow that's great. i do love twister fries because of its crunchiness. will surely grab a lot :)

  2. this is one thing we look forward to in mcdonald's :)


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