Through the test of time : Josephine's Restaurant

In the numerous times that we travel to Tagaytay for a short weekend getaway, some things remain constant. How we would always make it a point to visit the Pink Sister's Chapel, how we would always buy Buko Pie, Tawilis and Ube Jam and lastly how we would always devote one meal at Josephine's.

In fact, back when driving up to Tagaytay was a breeze and we would find ourselves craving for ice cold Halo-Halo on a hot summer day, my family would just round up the clan and head to Josephine's for an afternoon break while enjoying the cool wind and the marvelous view of the Taal.

In our recent Tagaytay vacation, we had our Sunday lunch at Josephine's. As usual, there was waiting line but the turnover and service was quick that we immediately had a table ready for us in no time. Mom left the ordering to my sister and I. We immediately chose our family's favorite and added a couple of new items in our list.

It was starting to drizzle and with the cold wind that's bringing the temparature down, I requested that we try Josephine's Bulalo Soup. My mom, who's a healthy eater, hesitated for a bit but after much convincing and receiving doe-eyed looks from yours truly, she finally gave in. It is best to start your meal with a warm bowl of soup and there's no better place to enjoy Bulalo than in Tagaytay. I love the tender beef chunks and the rich bone marrow soup that has somehow cleanse our palate before we indulge in the dishes that followed. Aside from the Bulalo Soup, I also love the Mutya ng Cavite Soup which is a cream-based seafood soup filled with huge prawns, clams, mussels and fish.

As a compromise for ordering the Bulalo Soup, I got Mommy's favorite dish -- Rellenong Bangus. Expect boneless milkfish meat mixed with peas and raisins. It goes perfectly well with a cup of garlic rice. The entire fish is stuffed with its delicious filling that you can actually enjoy it down to the bones.

After satisfying Mommy's taste buds, we made sure both Papa and Paul were happy. Our choice was the Crispy Pata (Crispy Pork Knuckles) -- one of those dishes that have made Josephine's so well-known for. I love how tender the meat was and there was just a small amount of fat giving you great value for your money. Papa loves the crunchy skin while Paul happily munched on the chewy tendon until the bone was shiny clean. Don't forget to dip each slice into the Crispy Pata sauce because taking a bite.

My sister loves Josephine's Laing and we all agreed that it's one of the best. Imagine gabi leaves cooked in rich coconut sauce and mixed with lots of plump shrimps that you're sure to get at least one big piece in every scoop.  This dish will make you eat more rice as the thick flavorful sauce was simply irresistible to say no to.

If you still have space left, why not order a plate of Puto Bumbong, Bibingka or get a cone of Pinoy Ice Cream for dessert. Dining at Josephine's allows us to appreciate authentic Filipino food cooked using the best ingredients. It's definitely a must-visit whenever you find yourself in Tagaytay. Also, the restaurant has one of the best views of the Taal Volcano.

Josephine's Restaurant is located at Km. 58 Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika West, Tagaytay City. It's located along the main road and is located right across Summit Ridge.

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