Red Ribbon : Comfort in every Bite

Today was a very stressful day.

Meeting deadlines, running around to coordinate with various departments, working together with the Editorial team, checking proofs and watching out for grammar and spelling errors... all these in preparation for the 10th Anniversary Issue of Entrepreneur Philippines. We're all working very hard on this and we pray that our readers will love it! (So make sure to watch out, check out the surprise that we've prepared and grab a copy as it will surely be a Collector's edition!)

I went home with a nasty throbbing headache and all I really want to do is to curl up in bed with my fluffy pink blanket.

But that didn't happen...Thank God for giving me a sweet husband who surprised me with a mouthwatering chocolate cake that he bought after receiving a text message from me early today saying...

"Hunnie, I'm having a stressful day...*sniffle* :("

He knows me too well..truly food is the best way to brighten up my day. He knows that I do not like fancy cakes loaded with thick icing as I would just scrape them all away anyway. We got something that we'll all love -- Red Ribbon's Chocolate Fudge Cake (Php. 460).

Just a few weeks ago, I was given a box of this exact same cake delivered straight to my office table (thanks A!). I excitedly brought this home and shared it with my in-laws. Everyone enjoyed the soft chocolate cake enveloped in rich decadent chocolate icing.

As mentioned earlier, I do not like icing but this one I had to take a bite as it just looks simply inviting. I was told it's made of eggs, butter and chocolate... the perfect mixture for a thick, perfect chocolate icing that can take your worries away.

Slicing through the cake, I love how sponge-y the texture was. It truly brings back warm memories of my childhood where we would always have chocolate cake for our birthdays. In between the two layers is a thick chocolate fudge filling that will make you go mmm in every bite.

I enjoyed a full slice of chocolate cake by myself after dinner and it allowed me to relax and push my worries away. My head was still throbbing by my heart has mellowed down a bit as it has been jumping wildly the whole day.

I'm thankful for this delicious slice of Red Ribbon Chocolate Fudge Cake and I'm most grateful for being married to the sweetest, most thoughtful guy in the planet. :)


  1. Wow, you have one heck of a great hubby! Now I wish BF would buy me a cake every now and then when I'm depressed as well! ;)

    RR cakes are always great tasting, I think you can never go wrong with any cake of theirs.

  2. Fran! Ako naman yesterday I requested for a cake and indeed! May baong cake pauwi! RR's Dulce de Leche! Pero not as good as their Coffee Crunch!!

  3. awwww sweet husband! he chose the perfect comfort food.

    im an entrep magazine reader! looking forward to the 10th anniv issue. :)

  4. @madz: yes im lucky to have him :) haha who knows maybe as soon as your bf reads this comment then you'll have a box of yummy cake waiting for u too!

    @didi: we're two lucky girls :)

    @smarla: yes please do watch out for our november issue :) we're very excited about it! here's a tip: check out the ones in Fully Booked or Bufini ;)

  5. awww.. that's very very sweet. nainggit naman ako.I wish my hubby's here.


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