Grocery Pick : Century Tuna Loaf

I love breakfast food and nothing makes my day brighter by enjoying hotdogs, corned beef, spam and sausages with egg and rice all day long. While it may not be a very healthy choice, I just enjoy this simple meal at any given time of the day.

Then I found something new. Thanks to fellow blogger Leira who gave me a can.

Century Tuna Loaf that actually tastes a lot like our local meatloaf only it's made of... TUNA! It may have a different taste but it was pleasant nonetheless. I brought it to work one day and while it may look pretty simple, I truly enjoyed my lunch that day. Partner this with a scoop of garlic rice and some scrambled egg and you're good to go!

I liked it very much that I went to the grocery that same day to buy more cans. I also searched for more possible recipes online. Good thing I found a couple over at the official site of Century Tuna. The Tuna Loaf Fried Rice looks yum! :)

I'm glad that food brands are now looking for ways to give a healthier alternative to our breakfast favorites!


  1. Oh goody thanks for the heads-up! Century Tuna is my favorite canned food. MiniStop used to sell Century Tuna siopaos and I loved those, too!

    This seems like a healthier alternative to ordinary meat loaf.

  2. manila girl: i really like the tuna loaf! a brilliant creation in my opinion :)

  3. i saw this last night at the Mini Stop near our place. Tuna is healthy and Century Tuna is a good brand. must buy a can or two soon. :)


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