Goodles now Delivers!

I love pasta and my colleagues can attest to this. I frequently crave for pasta that at times they would raise their eyebrows and divert their attention to my tummy with suspicion.

Well, it's not what they think...not yet.

It's just that I love pasta, my undying love for al dente noodles cooked with the yummiest sauce and topped with my mushrooms, shrimps and at times drizzled with truffle oil. Ohh, I'm in pasta heaven.

My friend Shar is a great cook and her specialty is...PASTA! She loves to experiment with different pasta combination thus Goodles was born almost a year ago. Every time I find myself shopping in Robinsons Galleria, I make it a point to drop by her store for a cup of delicious pasta. My favorites include the Goodles Classic, Grape Carbonara, Chicken Vodka and the Salsa Rossa Shrimp.

Oh how I wish Shar would open more branches that's more accessible to me soon (Greenhills, perhaps? :))

click to enlarge the menu

In the meantime, I found out that Goodles now has a delivery service! I'm excited to try this for lunch here at the office! Now I can enjoy my Goodles favorite anytime!

Check out their new pasta offerings too:

Call 212-1212 to order. Minimum delivery of P500!


  1. I super LOVE goodles. I am so fickle about al dente pasta and they are the only value for money place that gives me the al dente satisfaction. Hehehe.

    Hmmm tempted to try the new flavors na!!!

  2. Hi Fran and Shar! Manila perhaps? Robinson's Place? SM Manila? :) THANK YOU!!!! XD hehehe

  3. Hi Fran!

    Thanks for the wonderful post! I sure hope you get to try the delivery service and give me feedback.

    Regarding the 2nd branch, I'll let you be the first one to know once we finalize :)

  4. @didi: i know! I want to try the pesto cream al funghi!!

    @shar: yay! looking forward to that! i will be ordering for delivery SOON!


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