Around the World in 7 Corners

This particular lunch was set a month in advance when one of our business contacts invited the entire team to dine out. The venue was at 7 Corners in Crowne Plaza.

Due to the sale madness happening around the area, we were a bit late for our lunch date and we arrived apologizing profusely to our host. After our HIs and HELLOs he invited us to visit the buffet spread and to start the feast.

One thing I learned about buffet dining is to survey the complete spread first and to plot out my route to avoid over-eating. I began from the entrance where the pizza and dessert area were located followed by the fresh salad station and the sushi bar. After this was the long line of main dishes featuring Indonesian specialties as this was the promo for the month.

After reaching the end of the buffet line, I went straight to the sushi bar -- my favorite place to start. My mouth waters at the sight of the Philadephia Roll and the numerous platters of maki roll and sushi.

While busy filling my plate with sushi, I took a peek at the chiller and saw one thing that made my heart jump with glee! UNI!!! I handed my plate out to the server who filled my saucer with fresh Uni Sashimi!!! Yummy!!! :) More customers followed suit and we also requested for Salmon and Tuna Sashimi too.

After enjoying my sushi, I decided to visit the salad station where I enjoyed the crisp cold lettuce with bacon bits, smoked salmon, capers and creamy sauce. Nothing beats enjoying fresh greens in every meal.

Going around 7 Corners gives you a glimpse of the different gastronomical favorites around the world. There's pizza and pasta from Italy, Sushi and Sashimi from Japan, Hot Noodle Soup from China and a lot more! I was just looking for dimsum which sadly was not part of the buffet spread.

After enjoying my choice of salad, I headed straight to the main dishes for my 3rd course. I got a couple of chilled tiger prawns and went to the Grilling station to request for two lamp chops to be grilled medium well. I filled my plate with deliciouis mint jelly and happily carried my plate back to the table.

Picture pretty isn't it? It tastes really good too! I skipped all the carbs and was very happy with my lunch that day. My lamb was grilled to perfection and the prawns were crisp and delicious.

I capped my meal with a scoop of pistachio ice cream and Durian Creme Brulee. Initially, I was told it was just Creme Brulee but on the first bite, the taste of durian was unmistakable. I told my colleagues about it who just gave me an amused look. I love durian and this actually comes as a surprise to many. I asked the server to check with the kitchen and he returned saying it was indeed a Durian Creme Brulee! Yum! I was so full already and I wish I could go back for more.

While the choices at 7 Corners may not be as varied as its bigger hotel buffet counterparts; nonetheless, I enjoyed the quality choices as well as the fact that they do have Uni Sashimi which I believe is a first for me to see this at a buffet.

7 Corners Buffet Rate:
Breakfast: P928.13 nett
Lunch: P1325.89 nett
Dinner: P1546.88 nett

7 Corners is located at the 2nd floor of Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas corner ADB avenues, Ortigas Center, Quezon City. Call them at 633-8888 to reserve.

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