Time is NOW: Water Plus Reduce

Who does not love to eat? 

Eating brings people together. It builds new friendships and strengthens relationships. Birthdays, anniversaries and any kind of celebration definitely has eating involve. When planning a party, the first thing the host thinks of is what she will serve to her guests.

For me, eating has always been a happy experience. I enjoy trying out new dishes that tickles my taste buds. Traveling around the globe has been made to be more exciting as we look forward to trying the local cuisines available. I also enjoy the fact that I've made great friends over our love for food and eating.

However, eating has its drawbacks too. In comes unwanted bulges, increase in weight and bad cholesterol that can clog your arteries leading to nasty heart ailments and sickness. Ever since my mom had a mild stroke five years ago, my family has been more careful with our food intake. This particular episode in our lives became an eye-opener wherein we have learned to watch what we eat. It's time to stop treating our body like a trash bin.

However, my love for food remains. I continue to eat out and to try all those fat-laden dishes. It wasn't until lately when I realize I have to stop....NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week but N-O-W.

I realize that the sooner I start watching my diet and eating healthy as well as combining this with a more active lifestyle, I'd be on my way to a slimmer, healthier and happier ME.

The time starts NOW. 

Just recently, I am privilege to be invited to the press launch of Water Plus Reduce. I've been hearing a lot about L-Carnitine and that it helps increase the fat-burning properties in our body. Well, Water Plus Reduce has just that and  in addition to this, it also has Fibersol. Of course, you and I both know the wonderful things that fiber can do to our digestive system.

We were told that the best way to enjoy Water Plus Reduce is to drink this while having your meal. This is because the L-Carnitine will burn calories faster minimizing the chances of turning calories into fats.

One sip of Water Plus Reduce Apple and I know that I'll enjoy this for a longer period of time. I like it that it does not have sugar but it really tastes like apple juice. Paul loved the grape flavor and we agreed to include this in our shopping list on our next visit to the grocery.

Of course, this is not a miracle drink so with a healthy and balanced diet, I have to hit the ground running by putting on my dancing shoes and burning the calories away!

street dance, anyone? 

There's no time left to waste as I have to start taking good care of my health and body. With Water Plus Reduce and soon a new found hobby that will allow me to burn, burn and burn all those unwanted calories, I look forward to welcoming 2011 with a better new ME! 

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