Ariel 3D Deep Clean : Technology meets Fashion and Fabric Care

Unknown to many, I am a neat freak. I spend most of my free time (and in between busy schedules) organizing, cleaning, sorting, color-coordinating and a lot more. This is also the case when it comes to my clothes. I hate having a lot of unused clothes stored in my closet just gathering dust. This is the reason why I regularly go through every single piece of clothing and I quickly discard the old, worn-out ones to give space for the new ones.

I love keeping my clothes tidy and clean. However, as we go out, especially when we travel and dine out, it's inevitable that we perspire and we leave stains and bacteria in our clothes. While eating, we sometimes accidentally have sauce dripping on our jeans and oil stains on our long sleeves. These are really hard to remove and not even the most powerful stain remover can sometimes do the trick.

Ariel Stainlift Product Shot

Luckily, I was invited to the launch of one of the country's leading brand in fabric care Ariel as they launched a new product called the Ariel Stainlift with Deep Cleaning Technology.

ariel 1

From the moment we arrived at the venue, we were given our very own 3D glasses and almost all corner of the venue had the latest LG 3D TV set-up. The program was very brief and we were welcomed by no other than Ariel's newest endorser, Boy Abunda. He talked about his experience in Dubai where he shot the Ariel TVC and how he personally witness the power of the new Ariel variant that works on a 3-step process in removing stains, dirt and bacteria.

First: It polishes the clothing fibers.
Second: It reduces the negative charge to reduce repulsion enabling it to penetrate deeper
Third: It extracts the dirt and stains from the deep fiber layers to give a 3D deep clean!

Listening to the interviews, we learned that clothing consists of multiple layers of fibers and this is where the dirt and stains normally stays. Thus, it takes a deeper understanding and thorough research on how to remove them permanently. The Ariel Stainlift with Deep Cleaning Technology will go above, within and below the textile to ensure it gets clean through and through. This is no ordinary clean, this is what Ariel would like to call 3D Deep Clean.

To end the program, we were all treated to an amazing show right at the facade of the new Microtel Mall of Asia. It's the first in the country and the latest outdoor show innovation in the world. It's called 3D Mapping where walls and windows come alive.

Ariel partnered with Bench as they staged the very first 3D Fashion Show. I enjoyed the show very much as it really felt like watching a short fashion show only the models are as tall as the entire hotel. Definitely, larger than life!

Hope you enjoy the video and forgive me for some shaky bits, I wished I had a tripod as shooting a 4+ minute video is not a joke. :P

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