Flapjacks : Back...Better...Best!..and some Hairy Experience

I'm typing this entry with Take That's Back for Good playing in the background. Yes, I'm a 90's kid at heart and I just love songs from old school boy bands like Take That, Boyzone and my one and only Backstreet Boys. ♥

It's perfect timing too that I am about to share with you some good news! After a few years of innovating and changing the menu line-up, Flapjacks is finally bringing back some of their well-loved favorites and just like the Take That song..I do hope they'll be back for good.

A few weeks ago, The Food Club scheduled to have dinner at Flapjacks Theater Mall as Richard, Jane and I were able to receive some gift certificates from Flapjacks. Dinner was scheduled earlier than usual as we have a bowling game to catch right after. (Yes, The Food Club is now turning into a Bowling Club as well haha)

Paul and I used to frequent Flapjacks as we both love having breakfast meals at any given time of the day. My favorites include their fluffy pancakes, the Filipino breakfast sets and the only non-breakfast item that I love was the Pan-Seared Fish Fillet that was served with lemon butter sauce. Sadly, probably with the intent to innovate, a number of my favorite dishes were taken out of the menu and were not available for such time. Since then, my visits has lessened and I think the last time I actually dined at Flapjacks was a year ago.

When I found out that they're bringing back some of their best-selling dishes, I was hoping that they would include my favorite fish fillet dish...


Guess what, they did! Thus, that Friday dinner I had the Lemon-Pepper Pan-Seared White Fish (Php. 295) and it was just as good as I remembered it to be. Everyone in the table agreed with me too. Juicy, fork-tender fish fillet which was gently rubbed with lemon and pepper and pan-seared to perfection. It was served with herb rice and veggies making it a healthy choice amidst all the meat and carb options available.


In addition to the Pan-Seared Fish Fillet, we started our meal with a regular serving of Mango Exotica Salad (Php. 325 regular / Php. 195 lunch). It was really refreshing to bite into the sweet slices of mangoes drizzled with Flapjack's own mango vinaigrette and sprinkled with almond slivers, croutons, raisins and chicken strips. Yummy!


Everyone in The Food Club loves Buffalo/Chicken Wings which is why we didn't pass up the chance to try the Parmesan Chicken Wings (Php. 255). This was actually a welcome treat since there were a number of non-spicy eaters in the group...yours truly included. I love the salty taste of the chicken wings which was coated with herbs and parmesan cheese. Served with sour cream, it would have been better though if they served it with bleu cheese instead.


We also tried the Chicken Stuffed Parmigiana (Php. 325) which was pretty must just ok for me. However Paul, liked this one a lot. I'm not a fan of tomato-based pasta and I found the sauce a bit too sour for my liking. The chicken breast stuffed with gooey cheese though was delicious.


We've tried Flapjack's Tocino and Beef Tapa before and were pretty please with both dishes. However, you all know that I am not a big fan of beef and I try to stay away from pork if there's a chance to do so thus I was happy to see that they have brought back another breakfast set in the menu --- Smoked Chicken Longganisa (Php. 285). It's served with two eggs done any way you want (I chose scrambled), a generous serving of garlic rice, a tiny saucer filled with fresh fruits and of course, the staple vinegar dip. One order gives you three chubby pieces of longganisa. I liked it very much as I noticed that it's not filled with lots of fat or worst, extenders.


Last on the list was the Original Hashbrown Burger (Php. 350). Got this for the boys to try and so far we got positive feedback about it. I tried a small piece and somehow the hashbrown in the burger will take some getting used to. I still prefer my burger with veggies and a huge piece of patty. That's it. No need to add more calories and carbs as I'm pretty sure a piece of burger is high on that already.

Dinner was quick, service was efficient and luckily even the manager attended to our needs. I went home that evening thinking about the Smoked Chicken Longganisa and began craving for it right after...

...which was the reason why we went back two days after our first visit.

A very Hairy Experience

Given that we've been busy every weekend, Paul and I took time out one Sunday lunch to spend more time with one another. Since I've been telling Paul that I want to have more of Flapjack's Smoked Chicken Longganisa, he then suggested that we have lunch there.


We wanted to try a different kind of salad so we chose The Blue Buffalo (Php. 185 lunch size). We were not able to try Flapjack's Buffalo Wings the last time so we decided to try it on top of a bowl of salad. I was happily digging into my salad when Paul suddenly called my attention and pointed to that item that he found mixed into his greens -- it was a strand of hair. For some reason, Paul is really a magnet for all types of unwanted items that you can possibly find in your food. From hair to dental floss to paper, even a tiny eyelash and a lot more. I guess it's because he carefully goes through his food unlike me who would just take in scoops after scoops without even looking.

We called the attention of the manager on duty and they immediately replaced our salad with a fresh batch. Luckily, the second plate was clean and hair-free. The chicken strips were SPICY and by that I mean fiery hot! Given that each lettuce is coated with bleu cheese dressing, I can still feel my tongue heating up as I took a bite of the chicken strip. It was good but somehow the lettuce didn't blend well with the spicy chicken.

Of course, I had my Smoked Chicken Longganisa and it didn't disappoint on the second round. I suddenly realized though that the serving was a bit too much for me unlike before where I shared it with 8 other people in the table. Still, it was yummy and very very filling.


Paul tried the BBQ Pork Ribs Combo (Php. 285) and was shocked when this was served to him. Notice how thin the pork ribs were? While I ended up feeling so stuffed with my breakfast plate, he wasn't that satisfied with his as he just had two pieces of ribs and a hill-load of fries. Definitely, a small meal for a hungry man. To give some credit to the meat though, he commented that the ribs were tender thus he really wished that the serving should have been bigger and worth the close to Php. 300 price tag.


To cap our meals, we got two types of "desserts". First was the Fancy Blueberry Pancakes (Php. 185) which I enjoyed very much. The pancakes were soft and fluffy, just the way I loved it. They were very generous with the Blueberry topping that I had to push some aside as it's making my pancakes too sweet already. Definitely worth a try!


Paul, ordered the Fancy Nutty Banana Waffle (Php. 185) and began by enjoying his huge piece of waffle too. It was until he got to the last one-third piece of his waffle when he stopped and let out an angry "tssk". Lo and behold, there was a piece of eyelash swimming underneath his waffle. I honestly am starting to find it funny that he seems to be a magnet for these things but seeing his disgruntled face, I held back my laughter and immediately asked for the manager AGAIN. Paul obviously has lost his appetite and was definitely not in the mood to have his food replaced again. The manager was very apologetic and offered to give us a new plate of waffle to which we had to decline.

I seriously think there must be some serious hair-fall problem happening inside the kitchen. The food was good, the service impressive but these hairy experiences can totally ruin one's visit. To date, we haven't been back at Flapjacks and I don't think we ever will until Paul finally gets over his "hairy" trauma.

Flapjacks is located at the Ground Floor, Greenhills Theater Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan City. Call them at 584-0639. They also have branches in Robinson's Place Manila Midtown and Ayala TechnoHub.

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