Good Bye, Steve Jobs

Here's my morning routine, after putting my phone alarm on snooze for about 20 times, I spend a little more time in bed with my iPod Touch on hand as I browse through my favorite social media sites -- Facebook and Twitter.

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This morning, I opened my Twitter and saw a number of messages that says "RIP Steve Jobs", "Steve Jobs is dead". In my mind, I thought it was a bad joke. Just the other day, Paul and I were very excited with the launch of the iPhone4s which really blew us away with its innovative, high-tech functions. How can Steve Jobs be dead?

I still remember the day when we learned that Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple's CEO I told Paul that it felt like the end of an era. Well, the news are real...Apple's former CEO succumbed to pancreatic cancer and passed away this morning at the age of 56.

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Admittedly, it was only last year when I fell in love with Apple. True, there was even a time that I declared that I wouldn't be caught using a Mac, an iPod or an iPhone... months after I married Paul, I simply ate my words. It all began when I started using Paul's iBook and learned how to maneuver my way around stumbling into shortcuts along the way. Paul has been a big Apple fan and he continues to complain how slow our home PC is comparing to the fast, user-friendly system of his Mac OS. Then I thought he was simply bragging... after we came home from our honeymoon and I had a lot of stories to share in this blog, it was then that I realize that he was speaking the truth. It truly was faster and somehow it made blogging and photo editing more efficient.

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I've been hooked since then, this led to me buying my first ever Apple product, an iPod Touch which I have with me wherever I go. It saved me from boredom during my 12-hour flight to the US, it served as my instant communicator as I can connect to the internet provided WiFi is available, it is the main reason why I love playing the Smurf Village and Japan Life every single day.

I was reading the news about the passing of Steve Jobs and the messages left by US President Obama, his colleague and competitor Bill Gates and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

What struck me was this message given by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg:
"Tonight, America lost a genius who will be remembered with Edison and Einstein, and whose ideas will shape the world for generations to come. Again and again over the last four decades, Steve Jobs saw the future and brought it to life long before most people could even see the horizon. And Steve's passionate belief in the power of technology to transform the way we live brought us more than smart phones and iPads: it brought knowledge and power that is reshaping the face of civilization."
True enough, Steve Jobs was not only the CEO of Apple but he was a visionary and the creator who has shaped the way people use technology. While he joins our Creator today, he leaves a great mark that will forever remain here on earth.

Thank you Steve Jobs! We'll truly miss you!

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