50 Feasts : Basic Food Photography Class

A month ago, I received an email from Dwight Co of 50 Feasts, a new food photography school that's located just a few blocks away from home. He invited me to be part of their first ever Basic Food Photography class and after giving it much thought I emailed him back asking if I can give my slot to my husband, Paul, instead.

As you all know, what you see here in Frannywanny.com is a close team-up between me and my husband. I do the writing while he takes care of most of the mouthwatering photos found in this blog. As for the eating, we split that responsibility 50/50. :P

When Dwight said yes, I told Paul the good news and in return I got a big big big hug from him. Looks like someone was very excited about taking further food photography lessons. We had our mini countdown and along the way, Paul found out that fellow blogger Leslie will also be joining him in this class, all the more he got so excited that he at least know one person in the class already.

I think I have to stop talking and turn the spotlight over to my talented husband, Paul as he'll tell you more about his 50 Feasts food photography experience. 

50 feasts 1

Before that though, check out one of his photos taken during the class. Amazing, huh? :)

- Fran


If there's one thing I'm totally passionate about, it would have to be photography. While I would rather be behind the lens, I'm lucky that my wife, Fran has always been my willing model wherever we go. Since we have been eating out a lot and with Fran wanting to document every single food served on our table, I would always try to experiment and make sure to get the best photos out of every dish. At times, lighting would fail me or I would get a difficult angle to work on thus, I end up with photos that I'm not exactly happy about.

A few years ago, I took a basic photography course with one of the country's renowned photographers. Under his wing, I learned how to make use of my dSLR and the basics of photography. He would always tell us to continue to practice as this is how we'll be able to improve our craft.

When Fran told me that she has enrolled me in 50 Feasts' Food Photography class, I was very excited. If there's one aspect in photography that I'd like to improve on, then this would definitely be it.

50 feasts 2

The class ran for 2 whole days and was held in a nice, modern-looking studio not far from home. There were only 6 of us per class making it very intimate and well-guided. I met my instructor Mylene Chung who went to the same high school as Fran but graduated way after we both did. Such a young girl but a very talented one indeed.

I met my fellow classmates and friend Leslie who became my partner for the entire duration of the class. Together, we learned to style, play with colors and capture the right angle for our subjects. I'm lucky to have her as a partner as she definitely has the eye in setting up our shooting space making it more dramatic and interesting when captured in photo.

50 feasts 7

These were the topics that were discussed during our class:
1. Food Photography vs Other Forms
2. Using Natural Light to get picture perfect food shots
3. Basics of Prop Styling
4. Composing with Food
5. Choosing Color to Complement Food
6. Setting up your Shooting Space & Location
7. Maximizing Exposure for Food Photos

50 feasts 8

We were taught to photograph various food objects from drinks to bread, from sardines to ice cream. I learned new tricks and ways on how to maximize the use of my camera.

50 feasts 3

In between lectures, we had all sorts of exercises allowing us to try the techniques on our own with the help of our instructor Mylene. I can't believe I've learned so much in the span of two days. Definitely worth every single peso, if you ask me.

Let me share with you some of the photos that I was able to take during the class. Hope I can continue to improve my skills and expect to see better photos here in Frannywanny.com soon:

50 feasts 5

Nachos with Salsa

50 feasts 4

Lemon Water

The second session is already full as they only accept 6 students per class. Check their website often to catch their future announcement on when the next class will be.

50 feasts 6

Just a reminder though, here are some pre-requisites prior to joining the Food Photography Class:
1. A dSLR Camera (any brand will do)
2. Tripod (highly recommended, but not required)
3. Mastery of basic photography principles (You must perfectly understand exposure or else you’ll get left behind!) -- they offer Basic Photography classes too.

Food Photography Class fee is Php. 8,700 and is inclusive of home-cooked lunch prepared by the 50 Feasts team for 2 days and all food subjects.

Fun facts about Food Photography:
1) In food photography, there should be three members -- the photographer, the food stylist and the props stylist. All three contributes to create that beautiful shot.
2) It's better to use natural light as it gives depth to your shot.
3) The choices are endless when it comes to props styling, try a wide array of materials and textures from wood to flowers to salt and pepper shakers and a lot more.

Visit their website at: http://www.50feasts.com/

50 Feasts Photography is located at Unit 19 Lumier Realty Building, 285 P Guevarra St, San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines. They share the same building as Powermac Center, Direct Aquatic, Schone Salon and Ink Express. Click here to see the map.

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