Starbucks Planner 2012 : Ready, Get Set, Collect!

Once again, we have reached the -ber months where people start to make their Christmas list, families decorating their Christmas trees and for avid Starbucks Coffee fans like myself, we head to our favorite store to collect enough stickers to bring home our very own Starbucks Planner!

starbucks planner 1

This is really the start of the countdown as on November 3, 2011; Starbucks Coffee will begin giving out stickers for every drink purchase for customers to collect to be able to redeem and get one of the five planners available. Yes, you read that right! From having three attractive designs last year, Starbucks Coffee Philippines now has FIVE for you to choose from!

Last night, I was lucky to be able to see the Starbucks 2012 Planner up close and to be able to lift through the pages, run my fingers through the wooden cover and go through each month by month as I read the opening pages. I know you're all dying to see what Starbucks Coffee has in store for all of us planner fans so read on and I'll tell you five great things that's making me love this planner more and more.

First: It's lightweight and handy

starbucks planner 2

I bring my planner wherever I go and I always look for one that's small enough to fit into my bag. I just do not like holding my planner all the time as I run the risk of leaving it somewhere and losing it forever. I also love the fact that it's very light too!

Second: Month-at-a-glace

starbucks 3

When I get really busy, I tend to lose track of the dates and it is really helpful whenever I have a calendar that gives me a complete view of the entire month. This is also where I jot down special dates like birthdays, anniversaries and a lot more.

Third: Notes pages...lots of it!

starbucks 4

Remember when I mentioned that I always create a Restaurant List at the start of the year? I always put this down in my planner and I always have to make do with the minimal number of notes pages normally allotted. I'm glad that Starbucks Coffee made sure that every planner user has a lot of pages to use to list down their things-to-do or like me, to put down my travel itineraries, restaurant lists and a lot more!

Fourth: Bookmarks and Freebies!

starbucks planner 3

Who doesn't love freebies? Of course, I do! This planner comes complete with nine (9) different coupons and a handy bookmark which can work as a page marker too! How I wish though that they would really consider having a page marker for the 2013 planner.

Fifth: A planner with a cause.

starbucks 6

Drinking all 23 drinks is now made to be more meaningful as Starbucks Coffee continues to partner with UNICEF for Project SparkHope. For every planner redeemed, a donation will be made to SparkHope which is a program targeted for early childhood development.

starbucks 1
from right to left: Oak, Spruce, Cherry, Bamboo and Poplar

It's actually the ninth year that Starbucks Coffee Philippines is running this amazing planner promotion  and I can't believe it has been nine year!!. As mentioned earlier there will be five (5) different designs for the planner which is named after trees -- Poplar, Bamboo, Cherry, Spruce and Oak.

How to claim your planner?

There are now TWO options to bring home your very own Starbucks 2012 Planner:
Option 1: Collect stickers by buying nine (9) Christmas beverages and eight (8) core beverages except bottled drinks
Option 2: Purchase twenty-three (23) core beverages of your choice except bottled drinks

So easy right? The people at Starbucks Coffee Philippines are working extra hard to make your holiday at Starbucks more exciting year on year!

Just a word of caution though, I learned that they have included a lot more security features into the card, the planner itself and the stickers. Remember to abide by the rules to avoid any problems in redeeming your very own planner!

Let the countdown begin!! :)


  1. Hi Fran!

    I'm so excited to have my own Starbucks 2012 planner:) Thanks for posting the photos:) I'm so loving it:) BTW, will you have another Starbucks planner giveaway contest:) God bless:)

  2. Wow. That's good to hear. Thanks for the info. By the way, what do you mean by "core" beverages? Sorry, I don't know that. HEHE XD Thanks! God bless!

  3. @mienne: im totally loving this year's planner!! :) will keep you guys posted re. the planner giveaway contest ;)

    @meynard: core means anything that's not the holiday/seasonal drinks -- this includes all espresso based drinks, frappuccinos, iced tea, hot tea, apple berry juice freeze...all except bottled drinks :)

  4. Oh yey, Starbucks planner! :) Is it just me though or are their planners looking more and more "professional" looking rather than the scrapbook-y image they used to have? Personally, I preferred their older styles!

  5. Do I really have to collect the stickers or can I just buy it? :D

  6. @mary: well it still has that "scrapbook=y" feel i wasn't able to show them lang :)

    @jette: definitely have to collect. you cant buy the stickers

  7. Looks nice! Lucky I'm in Malaysia, so the temptation to get them is pretty slim :P

  8. This is really nice! I skipped collecting Starbucks planners for the past two years but I want to get my hands on this!

  9. ecited much about this!! :) very simple, and I wanted them all, :) But I think it will took me the whole year to collect stickers, I ain't eat/go to starbuck's that much, hihi

  10. Thanks for these photos. I am looking forward to own them. :D

  11. someone reposted your photos and cropped them to remove your watermark. :(

  12. thanks for posting! I am so excited for the planners and of course the Christmas drinks and cakes :) can't wait to start collecting stickers!

  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH Tatie!! you're an angel! I've reported her na to Tumblr >:( such lowly creature....

    @jill: you're welcome! 2 days to go!

  14. so beautiful and organic looking! Hooray to Starbucks again!

  15. What do you mean about the security feautures? Does the stickers have particular codes or something?

  16. @Lalalalala: they have features to guard against transferring of stickers, fake stickers, etc.


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