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There are times that we find ourselves too lazy to cook. This is especially when our ever-dependable househelp goes on a day-off and we are just so tired of ordering from our neighborhood restaurants. Thank God for City Delivery where I can order from restaurants as far as Makati or Quezon City. However, whenever the entire family comes to visit, ordering this way just doesn't work that well. We normally would either have it potluck or get someone to cater for us.

Another challenge when getting a catering service is that I have a very small family. My immediate family consists of just 5 people -- Papa, Mommy, Pan, Paul and myself. If you add our extended family, we would just be around 20. More often than not, we either end up with a lot of food for everyone to take home and in effect spending more than we should.

The foodie world is fast evolving. From one-number-delivery services, we also see the emergence of talented personal chefs who can prepare a good meal even for a small group.

I had privilege to meet Francis Fabie who's the owner of Heart, Meat and Soul. Having had training and background in cooking, he came up with this unique special order business that showcases four of his specialties at the moment.

That evening, he invited The Food Club to his lovely home and prepared dinner for us. Let me share with you what we had that evening:

hms 3

Hearty, Meaty Spaghetti (Php. 1,499 / 12 servings) -- This reminds me of the good ol' spaghetti that we grew up to. Al dente pasta noodles topped with all beef tomato sauce and sprinkled with grated cheese. It was good, very comforting and definitely something the kids will love.

hms 2

Soulful, Tender Roast Chicken (Php. 799 / whole chicken with rice or Php. 849 / 8 pcs of chicken quarters with rice) -- I remember my mom making chicken rubbed with rosemary, basil and roast to perfection. It was one of my favorite dishes that my sister and I would look forward to having dinner after a hectic day in school. As for Chef Francis' roast chicken, the meat was tender yet there were some parts which were a bit powdery I guess because it was kept in the oven for a long time. Personally though, I find the chicken a bit too salty that it truly hurt my sore throat that day. Maybe if Chef Francis can adjust the salty level a bit then this would be a winner. :)

hms 1

Hearty, Creamy Mashed Potato (Php. 379 / 8 servings) -- Who doesn't love mashed potato? I love the slightly peppered ones served in KFC. It's so smooth and creamy that I can just have it every single day! Chef Francis' version is covered with lots of parsley and goes well with the chicken. I wonder though how come there was no gravy served with this dish. I just love a scoop of creamy mashed potato covered with the richest, yummiest gravy!

As usual, dinner was filled with the usual chatter and laughter where even Chef Francis and his talented brother and fellow blogger Kel joined in. As Christmas is fast approaching, this makes a good choice to have for your potluck dinners.

Contact Chef Francis Fabie of Heart Meat Soul at 0905-4389269 / 0922-8170385 or you may email him at heartmeatsoul@gmail.com.

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