Segovia's Cake and Recipes -- A Home Cafe in San Juan

San Juan is truly an amazing place to be. When we first moved here, my sister and I would call it the donut hole simply because it's located at the middle of Metro Manila where it makes it practically accessible to head north, south, east and west. Another reason was due to a long blackout during the Milenyo typhoon and it seemed like the entire Metro Manila had power back already except for our city.

San Juan is one of the smallest cities in Metro Manila yet its currently growing with a lot of food finds and amazing gastronomic delights which makes it a great place for food lovers like me.

segovia 4

Just recently, Paul and I had our afternoon snack at Segovia's Cakes and Recipes, a new resto-cafe located just a few steps away from our home. I heard that Segovia's is owned by Carmen Segovia of the famous Cake Studio who used to cater for my high school. While my memory can be pretty hazy now, all I remember is that her pasta is really one of the best that I've ever had. There's truly none like it.

segovia 2

We entered the cozy-looking eating area and were ushered towards a table by the wall. We loved that the tables were covered with pages from Archie comics -- another childhood favorite.

segovia 3

The interior was simple, most of the furniture pieces were made of wood and has a very Filipiniana feel. I love the addition of the wooden sofa and coffee table which made the place more welcoming as it already is.

segovia 6

I was craving for pasta and initially, I had my eyes on the Baked Spaghetti. However, after chatting with the restaurant manager, she convinced me to try the Pasta Porcini (Php. 160) after learning that I love anything with truffle oil. I get to choose my noodles and of course, I went for the penne.

segovia 5

Paul wasn't in the mood for pasta so he initially ordered the Egg Salad Sandwich. Sadly or shall I say luckily, our server made a little mistake and made him a plate of Chicken Salad Sandwich (Php. 75) instead. He didn't made a fuss about it and just told the apologetic waiter that it's ok. He started slicing through his sandwich and I noticed that he just kept on nodding as he took one bite after the other.

As you know, seeing Paul nodding is a good sign. He obviously was very pleased with his sandwich where the bread was toasted with butter and was very crunchy. They also didn't scrimp on the filling as there were actually some that were spilling out onto the plate already. It's a rich and delicious mixture of chicken fillet, mayonnaise, apple slices, lettuce and celery. I'll try this next time.

As for my Pasta Porcini, the first plus point was given the moment my plate was laid down in front of me. I can instantly smell the truffle oil which shows that they have added a good amount of it on my pasta. While my pasta dish was cream-based, I like it that the cream was very thin and light and it didn't make me feel overly stuffed and guilty after. I just find the parsley a bit too much and would appreciate if they have added in more mushrooms instead. The penne was good and was well coated with the sauce.

I'm also happy with my pasta yet I think I'll try Segovia's Baked Spaghetti next time to see if it's just as good as how I remember it to be.

segovia 7

Nothing beats having a great food spot just a few steps away! If only they have free Wi-Fi then I would totally look forward to hanging out there more often.

p.s. they serve really good cake too! Try their Apply Crumble and Chocolate Cake! :)

Visit Segovia's Cake and Recipes at General V. Lim, Little Baguio, San Juan. Contact them at 725-2849 / 477-2229 / 727-4616.

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