Taibun Bakery and Coffee Shop in P. Guevarra, San Juan

"San Juan is turning into a mini Taiwan!"

I caught this comment over Twitter a few weeks ago and I couldn't help but agree. First, we saw the fast emergence of milk tea shops starting with Serenitea followed by ChaTime, TeaTap and now ShareTea from Taiwan is opening pretty soon.

There are also a lot of Taiwanese bakeries and restaurants in the area like Feng Wei Wee and their delicious dumplings and Cold Layers for authentic Taiwanese Ice Desserts.

taibun 5

A few months ago, a Taiwanese establishment called Taibun Bakery and Coffee Shop opened just a few blocks away from my home. One thing that I noticed is that they actually have a cool discount schedule where they give price-offs for their bread products  from 6AM to 10AM and from 9PM to 12MN. I guess this is their way of making sure their bread gets sold quickly to keep it fresh all the time. I also noticed that they operate with very long hours! Imagine being open from 6AM to 12MN? Wow!

taibun 2

After watching No Other Woman one evening, Paul and I decided to stop by Taibun Bakery and Coffee Shop to have our late-night snack. We chose the Set Menu A (Php. 100) which consists of Stir-Fried Chicken Fillet with Taiwanese-style omelet and Garlic Rice. All of their set meals are served with a glass of Iced Tea or Orange Juice and have the same price for all.

I wasn't really expecting much as the photo made the dish looked pretty ordinary. Service was quick simply because we were there past 10pm and there were only two tables filled when we arrived. I hope service is always this good at any given time of the day.

At first glance, we commented that the serving of the egg and chicken was so little however the rice was pretty generous. I mixed the sauce of the chicken with the rice and took my first scoop. I was surprised that the chicken was very tender and the sauce was sweet and flavorful that I actually was happy having it with my rice. Now, I hope they have added more chicken in, even Paul enjoyed this very much.

The egg was pretty ordinary as I'm not fond of onions in my omelet but I just focused my attention on the rice and the chicken instead. The rice was also delicious, filled with garlic bits and it wasn't very oily which was normally the problem with most fried rice.

taibun 1

Paul also bought 3 slices of the Tiger Eye (Php. 99/3 slices) where he tried one that evening and brought the other two slices home for my parents to try. I wasn't able to try this but he liked it and commented that the cake was very sponge-y and the chocolate flavor was delicious. My mom also tried it the next day and loved it too! This resulted to her paying Taibun Bakery a visit the next day to buy more for my grandparents to enjoy as well.

taibun 3

I really enjoyed my trip to Taiwan early this year as everything that I tried was pretty much very good. While Taiwan is just a one-hour flight away, I'm glad though that my little neighborhood constantly reminds me of this amazing country with that one thing that I love most about it...it's food! I will forever be a fan of Taiwanese milk teas, noodles, snacks and rice dishes and I'm glad I don't have to go far to enjoy this.

Taibun Bakery and Coffee Shop is located along P. Guevarra street cor. V. Cruz, San Juan City.

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