[CONTEST ALERT] Frannywanny's Annual Starbucks Christmas Giveaway!

A week ago, I shared the good news about the soon-to-be released Starbucks 2012 Planner! This got everyone so excited that in the span of a week, the entry spread like wildfire, being shared over Facebook, Twitter and a lot more. Everyday I get so excited seeing how I have help spread the Christmas joy to everyone. The entry became pretty popular that sadly, some of my photos (minus the watermark) were copied by a certain Tumblr user who at present had deleted not only her entry but her Tumblr account as well. *sigh* Thus fellow bloggers, beware of plagiarizers!

Well, I stayed pretty calm about it as I'm definitely not allowing her to burst my Christmas bubble. Let us just move on and learn from this, shall we? Starting from this entry, expect to see my watermark right smack in the middle of the photo. Let me know what you think. :)

Tomorrow, November 3, Starbucks Coffee Philippines will officially launch their much-awaited Christmas campaign. I've showed you the beautiful 2012 planner and now I'd like to share with you a couple of drinks and food items that you definitely have to watch out for as they're all very delicious! :)

If there's one thing I'm excited about when it comes to celebrating Christmas in Starbucks, it would definitely be their drinks. This is definitely the time when I would indulge in a cup of Toffee Nut Frappuccino while doing my Christmas shopping or while catching up with friends over the holiday. I love the buttery toffee flavor that reminds me of my Kongkong who shares the same love over anything caramel-y. I'm glad that the Toffee Nut continues to be a regular mainstay in their Christmas drink line-up together with the Peppermint Mocha.

A new addition this year is the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha which got positive feedback from our group. I love the sweet cranberry drizzle that surprisingly complemented the strong espresso-based drink. Looks like I'll be having more of this in the coming weeks. Similar to the other two Christmas drinks, this is also available Frappuccino style.

As for the food, there will be 15 new items this Christmas but let me share with you my top 8 picks for this season:

starbucks 1

Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Roll (Php. 50) - A perfect breakfast choice as it's served warm where the crust is crunchy but the inside stays very soft and chewy. It was so good that I would love to have this with cream cheese or perhaps with a bowl of my favorite soup. The sun-dried tomato and basil made the bread so flavorful that it reminds me of eating a Foccacia bread.

starbucks 3

Glazed Ham with Apricot Spread on Multi-grain Bread (Php. 140) - What's Christmas without Ham? I love munching into this delicious sandwich filled with sweet ham, cheese and apricot spread. The bread was also very good as it has bits of sesame seeds and a lot more. Definitely a winner in my book!

starbucks 2

Turkey & Chicken with Apple Stuffing on Whole Wheat Walnut Bread (Php. 140) - Meanwhile, Paul loves the chunky texture that he gets as he bit into the Turkey and Chicken sandwich. He said this is perfect for Thanksgiving where you get a slice of turkey, apple stuffing and cranberry spread in one sandwich!

starbucks 4

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie (Php. 55) - While enjoying the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha, have a piece of warm cookie that's so soft that it melts in your mouth! Yum!

starbucks 6

Texas Chicken BBQ Wrap (Php. 140) - Kids will love this wrap as it tastes so much like a Chicken BBQ pizza! Wanting to cut down on carbs, I removed the flour tortilla and decided to try the inside filling and I was still very satisfied. This wrap is filled with fried chicken breast fillet covered in barbecue sauce and topped with grated cheese and sour cream. Make sure to ask your friendly barista to warm this up for you to complete your experience.

starbucks 8

Triple Decker Cheesecake with Snickers® (Php. 130/slice and Php 1250/whole) - I love munching on a bar of Snickers thus how can I resist when given a slice of 3-layer cheesecake loaded with my favorite candy bar? It has a peanut-chocolate base with chocolate fudge icing and topped with roasted chopped peanuts. I had to share this with Paul though as the cake was a bit too sweet when consumed solo.

starbucks 7

S'mores (Php. 70) - As the Christmas season sets in, expect to bring out your jackets as the air becomes more chilly.  Thus, the need to snuggle up by the fireplace with a warm cup of mocha topped with lots of marshmallow seems to be a good plan. While it's not common to have a fireplace or to build a bonfire here in Manila, you can still enjoy a delicious dessert made of marshmallow and chocolate in Starbucks Coffee by trying a plate of S'mores. Buttery graham crust filled with marshmallow cream and topped with chocolate ganache. This will surely bring back wonderful childhood memories.

starbucks 5

Chocolate Toffee Nut Loaf (Php. 55/slice) - I love my Toffee Nut Frappuccino and to go with it, I enjoy having a slice of the Chocolate Toffee Nut Loaf which is so moist and chocolate-y rich! My niece will surely enjoy picking out the toffee candy on top of this loaf.

There are 7 more food items to watch out for. Namely, Pecan Butterscotch Twirl, Hazelnut Stollen Bread, Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, Chicken Alfredo Turnover, Peppermint Brownie, Gingerbread Cookie and the delicious Molten Chocolate Cake.

Contest Time! : Christmas is...

Lately, I started an album in Facebook called "Happiness is..." I plan to post various photos of things/people/events that has put a smile on my face. My first photo was that of a Hello Kitty pink car that I saw driving along EDSA. This was on a Friday afternoon where I was on my way back to the office after a presentation with a client.

It's November and we have a little more than a month to go before Christmas. Can you already feel the Christmas spirit?

I am raffling off a lot of items to spread the Christmas cheer!

Here's what you can win:

starbucks prize 2

Two winners will get a special Starbucks Christmas tumbler EACH.

starbucks prize 1

One winner will bring home a Starbucks Coffee on the Go backpack.

starbucks planner 1

One lucky reader will receive a Starbucks 2012 Planner! - Poplar Design

Contest mechanics:

1) Like the Official Frannywanny.com Facebook Page.

2) Share this entry via Facebook:
- Click on the Share button on top of this post. A blank box will pop out and and type this: "@Frannywanny Christmas for me is _____________________. @(tag 3 friends)" After you're typed in your entry, click Send.

example: @Frannywanny Christmas for me is seeing bright lanterns on the street. @Friend1 @Friend2 @Friend 3

Note: Please make sure that your profile is set to public (everyone) or this won't appear on my Facebook page.

3) Leave a message at my comment box with the URL link of your message complete with your name and email address. Failure to do so automatically disqualifies the entry.

4) This contest is open to all readers in the Philippines.

5) One entry per person only!

6) This contest will run from November 2 - 26, 2011. I will be notifying the winner via email and will also announce it here in my blog. The prizes will be delivered to the winners too.

7) Winners will be chosen via Electronic Raffle.

*photos by: Paul Ang (food) and Starbucks Coffee Philippines (drink)

That's it!! :) Happy Holidays everyone!! :)

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