Toccare Spa at Antel Spa Suites, Makati

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkk!!

baguio food club 1

How was your long weekend? Mine was FUN!!! This was because I spent the long weekend with The Food Club as we went up north to enjoy the cool and laid back atmosphere of Baguio. In true Food Club fashion, we had a three-day long food trip complete with a late-night pizza party, Ube and Strawberry jam shopping and a lot more!

This is basically the reason why every night I thank God for blessing Paul and I with friends who not only share our love for eating and traveling but who are truly amazing in their own way. ♥

While I never seem to get tired of Baguio, I always find myself exhausted after the long drive to and from. Waking up this morning was really a challenge. I could hardly pull my tired body up and more than anything I just want a really good massage.

toccare 4

This made me reminisce about the time when I visited Toccare Spa at the Antel Spa Suites in Makati. It was upon an invitation by fellow Food Club member Abet who arranged a relaxing evening for all 8 of us. After a delicious dinner, we all drove to Antel Spa Suites which is located right beside the A. Venue Mall. Parking was pretty easy, either you park outside or at the hotel beside it for a minimal flat rate.

Arriving at the spa, we were asked to choose a specific treatment per couple. Since Paul is not fond of full body massages or scrubs, we had the Fruity Mint Hand and Foot Treatment (Php 700) which was the least complicated of the four treatments available. The others were a choice between the Hilot, the Classic Massage or the Toccare Healing Gemstone Massage.

Before having our treatment, we were led towards the wet area were we can try the jacuzzi, the steam bath or the sauna. Of course, it is highly recommended that you take a quick bath prior to your massage too.

toccare 3

After enjoying the jacuzzi and having my quick warm bath, I wore the robe and shorts that were provided and off I went to our treatment room where I found Paul patiently waiting for me. Our Fruity Mint Hand and Foot Treatment lasted for 70 minutes where we enjoyed having our feet soaked in a warm bubble bath, scrubbed to remove all the excess skin and dirt, wrapped to make it softer and later on, massaged while being applied with their signature lotion. In addition to this, we also got a short back massage to boot!

toccare 2

I loved our treatment room where the chair was surprisingly comfy enough and we even got to watch our favorite show on TV. I just wish they have more magazine options for customers who love to read like me! Normally though, I prefer a darker ambiance with calming sounds where I normally end up dozing off all throughout my treatment. Here at Toccare Spa, I was wide awake with the TV blaring loudly and the lights on the entire time. I guess it's a good thing I was with Paul that I didn't mind not dozing off this time.

toccare 1

We enjoyed our treatment and was the first couple to finish. After getting dressed, we headed to the lounge area where we were served with our choice of drinks while waiting for our companions. Here, the chairs were really big and comfy too and they also have a TV available but we opted to just wait quietly so as not to disrupt the other customers who are still having their treatments and massage done.

toccare 5

Toccare Spa has all sorts of rooms available for any type of group coming in. They have one good for three or a more romantic looking one (see above) perfect for couples who want to relax and unwind. Service was really good and I'll probably go back to try their Toccare Healing Gemstone Massage pretty soon.

Check out Toccare Spa at the 4th Floor of the Antel Spa Suites, 7829 A. Venue Makati, Makati Avenue in Makati City. Call them at 555-1231 / 0927-768-6556.

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