A Mongolian Treat: O' Mai Khan in Baguio City

A week prior to our trip to Baguio, I offered to prepare our itinerary which, of course, consists of a number of restaurants that we have to try and a few touristy places specially included for all Baguio first-timers and long-time returning visitors in the group. Initially, I just listed down the restaurants in no particular order. The plan was to just choose from the list as we go along but my OC self just couldn't stop there. As the days get nearer, I ended up plotting down the restaurants into our travel itinerary to make sure we have a restaurant planned for every single meal.

o mai khan 9

I thought we had a good mix, from the newly opened Hill Station to old time favorites like Cafe by the Ruins and Forest House, I had every meal covered even for our afternoon merienda! What I didn't include and actually failed to give more attention to was this restaurant that has been famous for their Mongolian Buffet for years! It was only when friends started leaving comments over at my Facebook page urging me and the group to give O' Mai Khan a try. What convinced me was a message from fellow foodie Nowie who can't stop raving about the restaurant and the food. After reading his message, I was truly convinced!

So we decided to drop one restaurant from the list and headed directly to O' Mai Khan for lunch on our second day. Service at Hotel Elizabeth was amazing! To ensure that we can easily secure a table given that we're such a big group, the front desk officer offered to give the restaurant a call and made reservations for us!

We got there at exactly 12 and it has been raining non-stop that day. I silently prayed that they have really reserved a table for us since there seems to be a crowd growing already by the porch of the restaurant. O' Mai Khan used to be located near the Rizal Park and Cafe by the Ruins, they just recently moved to their current and way bigger location at the Upper Session Road where they can offer more parking slots and tables for their growing number of customers. This a waiting line is a common sight in the restaurant as told to me by the server.

I never thought the Baguio community would love Mongolian buffets so much but hey for only Php. 210 per head (adult) and to be able to enjoy bowls of piping hot veggies and meat to combat the chilly weather, I figured out that it made perfect sense!

As soon as we were led to our table and the kids were seated, the adults headed directly to the buffet table.

o mai khan 1

Look how excited Irene was as she piled her bowl high with Baguio's fresh greens! 
o mai khan 5

Basically the process here is that they control your rice and meat portions (you can choose from pork, chicken or beef) and you can get as many veggies as you want!

o mai khan 6

I truly enjoyed getting the bean sprouts, lettuce, cabbage and some other veggies I'm not very familiar with but I tried them just the same. :P

o mai khan 3

O' Mai Khan is proud of their wide array of sauces! Customers can make thousands of combinations as there are 18 different sauces available. I made sure to add in some garlic sauce, sesame oil, teriyaki sauce, peanuts and some curry sauce on both rounds.

Check out my two bowls for lunch that day:

o mai khan 7

First round: Filled my bowl with pork and chicken and lots of veggies. I also added one egg as adviced by my friend Nowie. It was very creamy and the consistency reminds me of eating risotto. Only it was a bit bland as I tried to lessen the soy sauce as not to make the whole thing too salty. I should have added more!

o mai khan 8

Second round: To be honest, my first bowl was quite filling that it took me a while to finish it off. I wasn't really planning to go back for more until my friends prodded me to do so and to just get the veggies no rice this time. I took their advice and came back it a leaner, healthier looking bowl filled with lots of greens and a few chicken strips too. I actually liked this better as I added more teriyaki sauce and sesame oil to the mixture.

While O' Mai Khan is known for its Eat-All-You-Can Mongolian Buffet, they also have an a la carte menu for those who would like to have something other than the Mongolian buffet. It's actually also wise to order a la carte for really young kids as they won't be able to maximize and enjoy the buffet that much. Another thing that I have to remember when I go back is to try their Key Lime Pie. I remember my former boss raving about this all throughout our Baguio store visit a few years back. Has anyone tried this too?

We were all so happy with lunch that I would like to thank both Nowie and Yuyu for recommending O' Mai Khan to us! We will be truly grateful! :)

o mai khan 2

Buffet Rate:
Adult= Php. 210
Kids below 4ft= Php. 150
Extra charge for every egg= Php. 10

O' Mai Khan is located at the Upper Session Road, Engineer's Hill, Baguio City. They're beside DPWH and behind PRC (Court of Appeals). Call them at +63-74-442-5885.

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