Fire up with KFC Zinger Double Down

One Friday evening, I was having dinner with my family when the doorbell rang and our househelp called me saying that someone was looking for me. I walked to the gate and saw a fire fighter running towards my direction and he seemed like he came from the other street. He stopped to open his bag and carefully pulled out a white paper bag telling me to be careful because the content is really hot. I laughed as I was handed the new KFC Zinger Double Down, true the sandwich seems to be pretty warm so I handled it with extra care.

kfc 1

"Tawag nalang po kayo sa Fire Department pag sobrang init po ma'am" (Please call the fire department if it's too hot, Ma'am) was his last line before he left. 

kfc 2

As he left, Paul and I quickly went to the dining table to try the sandwich out. At first, it tasted like the regular double down sandwich but wait till the spiciness starts kicking and yes, I was in the verge of calling the fire department as I can feel my taste buds on fire. It's double the spicy level given that it has two Zinger patties with cheese, bacon and mayonnaise sandwiched in between.

I could only take one-fourth of the sandwich and Paul happily consumed the rest.

For those who are up for the spicy challenge, head over to your nearest KFC branch and try the new Zinger Double Down for only P120.


  1. I'm gonna try this real soon, Fran..

  2. @peachkins: let me know how u find it :)

    @pinkcookies: haha so funny! but you're right! I'd say add rice nalang to make it a complete meal

  3. Is the story about the firefighter true? Ano yun, ganun talaga sila magpromote? Ang cool naman, gusto ko maexperience hahahhaha!

  4. @mary: yup! believe it or not the story is true :) i wish i have a photo of me and the fire fighter but after asking paul to take lots of photo we realized that the memory card was missing :( drat! my bad...

  5. That is such a nice marketing gimmick ah! :) I'd love to try this, but my tolerance for spiciness isn't that high.. XD


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