Fruits in Bloom : Gourmet Arrangements

It's common practice to shower your loved one with a huge bouquet of flowers or at least a dozen long-stemmed roses. Believe me, we've had our share of garden-like bouquets here at home given by Paul and my sister's special someone. What normally happens is that our talented househelp would carefully remove them from the plastic wrapper and transfer each piece of flower into my mom's pretty vase, she'd even water them regularly until they wilt and give a really nasty odor that even my dog Scottie wouldn't even dare go near to.

Sadly, I have zero talent when it comes to flower preservation so for the past 8 years, I wasn't able to keep a single bud or even a leaf from all those bouquets that Paul has gifted me with. *sigh*

If only I can eat the bouquet then none of it would go waste! ;o)

fruits 1

Then we came across Fruits in Bloom -- a company that specializes in fruity arrangements. No thorny roses, no wilting flowers instead they make use of the freshest, juiciest fruits and turn them into a work of art!

If only I've met them before Paul and I tied the knot, I can totally imagine myself walking down the aisle in a strawberry covered bouquet! Why not?! I can even pick a fewest pieces out to snack on between our wedding ceremony and reception dinner.

fruits 2

I love it when people really give a lot of attention to details. Not only do they carefully choose the fruits to be used per bouquet, they also give you the option to choose your color motif, your base (pot/vase/cup) and is very willing to working within your budget!

After the introductions, we were led up to a mini showroom where we saw a number of their pretty works. Irene and I were instantly attracted towards the juicy-looking pineapple. If only I can pluck it out from the arrangement and bite into it right away.

This makes a great gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Showers, Valentine's Day and even hospital visits. Instead of spending a fortune with flowers that wilts within two days, why not give something sweet yet truly healthy with these flower arrangements.

fruits 4

We were given a box of Fruits in Bloom arrangements each and I excited opened this the moment we got home. I tried a piece of pineapple and I loved it! It was sweet and juicy! The apples stayed crisp which was really amazing as I was expecting brown spots that normally happens when it gets oxidized. We had a lot more fruits left the next day and they stayed fresh and delicious as we kept them in an air-tight container.

This is what I call innovation and a very delicious one indeed! I can't wait to place my orders for Christmas! :)

Fruits in Bloom is located at the Ground Floor of the Frabelle Building, 109 Rada Street, Legaspi Village in Makati. Call them at 0915-3269136 / 812-0380.

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