Milky & Sunny : Kapitolyo's All Day Breakfast Nook

It really takes a good restaurant for me to go back to two days in a row.... even a better one to make me interrupt my Baguio series to share my fun dining experience with you. In other words, this is just something that can't wait and I really have to let you guys know for you to try it out yourselves...ASAP! :)

milky sunny 11

I first heard about Milky & Sunny while reading my Twitter feeds. A couple of friends, whose taste in food I trust, have been talking about this pretty breakfast place that just opened in Kapitolyo, Pasig. Afterwards, I heard about it again from one of my colleagues who got really amazing taste when it comes to aesthetic design..she's a licensed interior designer, after all. This prompted me to research about this restaurant and I realized that it's just a stone's throw away from my office!

Finally, last night I set a dinner date with two of my former colleagues Kat and Bianx. I actually gave them a couple of choices and while we initially was planning to have dinner at a particular deli which was full and couldn't accomodate us anymore, I then suggested that we try Milky & Sunny! I guess it really was meant to be.


As we entered the restaurant, I can't help but admire the interiors. It's white-washed walls, the pretty blue border lining the scripted logo, the cute paintings on the wall which I later realized was a cartoon-version of Jose Rizal, the Madhatter and Manny Pacquiao, and a lot more! It was truly a feast for the eyes!

But we were not there to just ooh and ahh...we were there to stuff ourselves crazy and we surely didn't waste any time! Since there were quite a lot to try, we decided to just share all dishes to be able to try more. Now, that's what I call a strategy! ;)

milky sunny 2

First off, we had the Bacon and Spam Pasta (Php. 180) which was a creamy pasta dish using tube noodles and a generous serving of bacon and spam. I find it a bit too bland. I guess it would help if they cooked it with olive oil, garlic, parsley and crispy bacon and spam instead! Not bad but not really one of our favorite that evening.

Milky & Sunny is a place where you can have breakfast all day long! This is good news for me as I love breakfast and it definitely is my favorite meal of the day. This is also the reason why I chose the BIG Plate (Php. 250) where we can customize what goes in our platter.

milky sunny 3

First of all, you get to choose the meats : Spam, Sausage, Hotdog, Bacon and Corned Beef. My friends being super supportive of my no-beef sacrifice went for the Bacon, Spam and Sausage. We also have to choose between the Bagel, Toast or Rice. Of course, being true-blue Filipinos, we chose the Garlic Rice. Lastly, we can choose whether we want our eggs scrambled or done sunny-side up. Scrambled eggs got the unanimous vote. It was a series of choices made and we were all pleased with our Big Breakfast Plate.

Personally, I liked the spam however I find the bacon not that crispy and the sausage a bit too dry. The egg wasn't as fluffy as I'd want it to be (think Scrambled Egg done in hotel buffets). The hash brown was yummy though.

milky sunny 4

We also tried the Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole (Php. 180) and it was also a must-try! Be careful though with your first bite as it's served piping hot and you wouldn't want to burn your tongue just the way I did as I was so excited to try it that I totally ignored the smoke coming out from the ceramic dish. It was light and a good accompaniment with your breakfast platter.

milky sunny 5

Bianx wanted to try the Chicken and Waffle (Php. 150) and we supported her all the way. I'm glad we got this though as the waffle was really fluffy and the chicken very lean. This, in fact, prompted us to get dessert because if their waffles are good then I'm expecting that their pancakes should be yummy too...

milky sunny 7

For dessert, we had the Strawberry Cream Cheese Pancake (Php. 140). A three-layer pancake filled with strawberry jam and cream cheese. I took my first bite and loved how fluffy the pancakes were! It was indeed one of the best pancakes I've had besting out one that actually has the word PANCAKE in their restaurant name and another that also means the same.

Milky & Sunny's pancake didn't crumble, it wasn't flaky nor powdery. It was smooth, light and delicious. My friends agreed and we cleaned out our dessert plate in no time. My only wish is that they include real strawberries inside to make it better.

milky sunny 6

To go with our meal, I had a glass of Fresh Orange Juice (Php. 100) which was very refreshing but it had a bit too much pulp in it making it a bit challenging to drink. Still, I think this is a good deal as you don't normally get a glass of freshly squeezed juice for only P100/glass! 

milky sunny 8
meet Bianx and Kat

It was a fun evening and my two friends were game enough to post with the cute-looking poster by the door!

I Shall Return....

....and I did the next day! ML and I agreed to meet to brainstorm for work. I realized that we can probably bring out our much-needed creative juices when we change venue and have our meeting outside of the office. I love it that ML is also a food lover which is also why we get along so well! She's game to try new restaurants while I enjoy sharing my gastronomic finds with her.

Today, we ended up at Milky & Sunny. ML's first time to visit and boy was she excited! We went there supposedly to have our afternoon snack but from what we ordered, it looked like we were eating for lunch, dinner and even midnight snack! Oops!

milky sunny 9

Once again, I ordered the Big Breakfast Plate (Php. 250) this time replacing the Bacon with Corned Beef. The quality was just the same as last night, the spam delicious, the sausage a bit toasted and the eggs not as fluffy as desired. Sadly, I wasn't able to taste the corned beef due to my no-beef diet. Still the hash brown was good and so was the rice topped with crunchy bacon chips.

We also had the Strawberry Cream Cheese Pancake which ML enjoyed very much. Yay!

milky sunny 10

Lastly, she also chose the Red and Green Bell Pepper & Sausage Omelet (Php. 130) which was surprisingly good! The omelet was stuffed with so much filling that a lot actually spilled out as I was trying to get a slice. Still, I didn't mind as it was really cheezy and delicious just the way I like it! In fact, the eggs here were more fluffy that the scrambled eggs on the Big Breakfast Plate. I highly recommend this.

We left Milky & Sunny fulfilled with more ideas to pitch and a clearer plan for the year ahead. Also our tummies were equally satisfied with the good, comfort food that we just indulged in.

I'm glad that there's a good breakfast nook now in Bo. Kapitolyo in Pasig where I can easily go and hang out in should there be a need for a short breather away from my crazy hectic schedule.

Milky & Sunny is currently on Soft Opening and I hope that soon they will have Wi-Fi ready and a credit card terminal available too.

Milky & Sunny is located at 9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo in Pasig City. It's right beside Briggy Hall and can be found in front of Three Sisters Restaurant.

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