Hill Station in Upper Session Road, Baguio

When we finally got to Baguio a little past 12 noon, the first thing we did was to look for a place to eat. Our three little passengers were starting to verbally express their hunger already so we all kept our eyes on the road in search of any of the restaurants included in our list.

hill station 7

Thankfully, we immediately saw Hill Station which is located very close to SM Baguio. I've been reading a number of good reviews about this new restaurant and was quite excited to try it. After securing a good parking spot, we all made our way towards the basement of Casa Vallejo, an old hotel that closed down last 1999 and was revived recently and was made into a small bed and breakfast place.

hill station 2

The ambiance was very pretty giving a traditional Filipino feel. At the entrance is the bar area with an old wooden (yet working) piano where I ended up playing a few songs later on.

We walked further in towards the main dining area and I love the heavy wooden chairs, the comfy looking couches and the big wide windows where we took turns taking photos of the view outside.

It was the kids' first time in Baguio and despite their hunger, they seemed to like the ambiance too.

Hill Station is owned by Mitos Benitez Yñiguez who's the daughter of the owners of Mario's Restaurant. It's no wonder why you'll noticed that the logo has the same clean, simple look and they prepare their Caesar Salad quite similar to one another. However, the similarities end there and Hill Station has its own identity and will surely give you a different experience all together.

hill station 1

After giving our orders, we were served with a basket of their complimentary bread and dip. For the dip, we were given two saucers each, one filled with olive oil and another with dukkah. Dukkah is an Egyptian side dish which is a mixture of herbs, nuts and spices. What you have to do is to get a small piece of bread, dip one side on to the olive oil saucer and dip that same side on to the dukkah. This way the dukkah sticks to the bread. I love how it gives a very Indian/Mediterranean taste which was very nutty and aromatic. Little Keirra enjoyed the bread so much she quickly nodded when I asked her if she wanted more. 

hill station 3

We also tried a couple of appetizers to be shared by the group. We had the Tex-Mex Fries which we were not able to try as it had ground beef incorporated in the dish. What we enjoyed though was the Spinach Artichoke Dip which was a milder version of what I'd do at home as mine is loaded with garlic and lots of cheese! Nonetheless, the spinach artichoke spread was creamy and was pretty good.

hill station 4

To share, Paul and I got the Caesar Salad (Php. 260) which was big enough to be shared by two. Prepared using a giant wooden bowl, we enjoyed the creamy Caesar Salad making use of Baguio's crisp veggies. As you know, Baguio is really the best place to indulge in fresh greens as a lot of vegetables and root crops are harvested here. I love the crunchy croutons and how all leaves are evenly coated with the yummy dressing. There's actually an option to add chicken fillet or shrimp in the salad but we decided to just have it plain.

hill station 5

For our main dish, we also shared the Moroccan Spiced Baby Back Ribs (Php. 395) as this was highly recommended by our server. Served with red rice, we enjoyed the very tender ribs that literally falls off the bone with just a light touch of our forks. The sauce was delicious and not spicy. We finished off our ribs in no time. We're very pleased with our choice for lunch that day.

hill station 6

To complete our meal, we headed towards the bar area where the cake freezer was located. After staring at the cakes and interviewing the server about every single cake available, we chose the Apple Pie which was served warm. I enjoyed the strong cinnamon taste while Paul wasn't too fond of it. The apple filling was pretty good but admittedly we've tasted better Apple Pies elsewhere.

Our lunch at the Hill Station truly was a great start to our 3 days, 2 nights trip in Baguio. With the chilly weather, the beautiful ambiance, the superb service and the great food -- I highly recommend that you pay Hill Station a visit should you find yourself up in Baguio too.

hill station

Hill Station is located at Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. Call them at +6374-424-2734 / +6374-423-9100 / +6374-423-9558.

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