H Cuisine in Quezon City -- Home of the most awesome Angus Beef Belly

When I got an invite to visit H Cuisine by Chef Hannah Herrera, I suddenly remembered the time when I visited the Corinthian Hills Weekend Market 3 years ago where I first learned about H Cuisine and was able to try a couple of their dishes. Sadly, my memory is pretty terrible that I couldn't really remember exactly what dishes I was able to try but I figured that it must be good as I do not have any bad memories about it.

h cuisine 6

Together with Richard and Irene, Ro and Peter, Jane, Abet and Joan, Paul and I had an intimate dinner at H Cuisine hosted by none other but Chef Hannah herself. We were led up to the second floor where two round tables were prepared just for us. At one side is a buffet spread featuring several dishes that H Cuisine specializes in.

h cuisine 3

To start the evening, Chef Hannah conducted a simple cooking demo showing us how to cook her best-selling Angus Beef Belly and the many variations of it such as the Angus Fried Rice and the Angus Beef Panini. Sadly, all Paul and I could do was to enjoy the smell as we can't have beef at the moment *sniffle*.

h cuisine 4

Chef Hannah is really sweet to prepare a couple of non-beef dishes for Paul, Irene and myself. While I felt a bit sad that I wasn't able to try the very fragrant and obviously tender-looking beef, I was so happy with the Fish Trafalgar (Php. 228) which is normally served with penne pasta but that evening we had it with Red Rice! I love how fragrant this dish was which was brought about by the truffle cream sauce. The fish was very soft and it was definitely a delight to eat. I had two servings of this and continues to dream about it every single day. I will definitely go back to H Cuisine for this!

h cuisine 5

We also had the Oven Braised Herbed Chicken (Php. 188) which is served with Roasted Garlic Sauce. Normally I would coat my meat with the creamy sauce but this one was perfect even without it. I love how the meat falls off the bone yet it doesn't have a powdery texture which normally happens when the chicken gets overcooked. The sauce was very addicting that I couldn't help but drizzle some of it on my rice.

h cuisine 1

We also had the Lime Cooler (Php. 98) to go with our meal and I like how it wasn't too sweet nor too sour. It was in fact very refreshing perfect especially on a warm, humid day.

h cuisine 2

Lastly, dessert was a ramekin of Warm Flourless Chocolate Cake (Php. 88) with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on top. Normally I would have to share my dessert with Paul as I'm not very fond of cakes and sweets but I ended up finishing the whole thing on my own as the cake was moist and the sweetness was just right that it wouldn't make you cringe. Definitely a great way to end our lovely meal.

H Cuisine is a perfect neighborhood restaurant where you are assured of a good meal in every visit. It's the kind of place where you can unwind and relax while bonding with friends and family. I'm so glad that I don't have to search high and low for H Cuisine, all I have to do is to take a short drive to Quezon City to have her delicious Fish Trafalgar and pretty soon to try the Angus Beef Belly too.

*photos by Paul Ang

h cuisine

H Cuisine is located at 64 Scout Rallos cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Call them at 413-0347.

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