All-Day Breakfast at Agahan in Makati

Don't you just love breakfast food?

This is one thing that would motivate me to wake up early be it at home or when on a trip. I always look forward to my favorite breakfast staples : garlic rice, egg (preferably scrambled and creamy), my choice of meats -- hotdogs, tocino, boneless bangus and a glass of cold fruit juice!

I'll never forget spending a week at the Swissotel Stamford Hotel in Singapore for our Honeymoon and enjoying their wide breakfast buffet spread every single day! It was pure bliss! I also loved that bowl of Abalone Congee with a stick of Yeow Tiao and Rice Noodle Roll in Hong Kong. Back home, one of the best breakfasts that I've had recently was with The Food Club when we spent the weekend in Punta Fuego and we were able to have lots of Mrs. Tales from the Tummy's homemade beef tapa! (Yes, my dear friend Irene is truly a kitchen star! She bakes the best Queso de Bola Cheesecake in town and makes the yummiest bacon and beef tapa too! I'm so lucky to be able to taste her cooking once in a while!!)

This is also the reason why I just love dining at restaurants offering All-Day Breakfast meals. Thus, I was really happy when I received an invitation to visit a two-month old restaurant called Agahan one Sunday morning. I've been hearing about this restaurant and their famous Chicken Nuggets from my colleague ML who can't stop raving about it. All the more making me really excited to give it a try myself.


So there we were one Sunday morning with fellow blogger Richard and his lovely family. As we entered the restaurant, I really liked the colorful interiors from the couch to the walls down to the menu.

In fact, ML told me that the colors were inspired by Real Living Magazine, really good taste Adee, really good taste. ;)

agahan 1

Our brunch began with our choice of fruit juices. I went for the Guava Juice (Php. 50) while Paul went for the Orange Juice (Php. 50). I personally loved the Guava Juice, sure it may not be freshly blended but it wasn't very sweet and was, in fact, quite refreshing perfect for that hot Sunday morning.

Paul, on the other hand, was expecting to get a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice but was a bit disappointed that what he got tasted just like something poured from a bottle. Oh well...

agahan 5

We each had our choice of breakfast plates and decided to order additional meat choices at the side. I initially went for the Tinapa Silog (Php. 110) which is served with salted egg and tomato. My favorite! However, upon seeing that the fish wasn't deboned yet, I just gave Paul a terrified look and he sweetly offered to swap his plate of Tocino Silog (Php. 120) with me. I just my husband. He knows me soooo well.

agahan 3

I enjoyed the Tocino Silog very much! Thinly sliced pork strips marinated in sweet sauce that made it truly a delight to have at any given time of the day. The garlic rice was pretty generous and I love how it was done. However, I wish they made the egg either sunny-side up or have the scrambled egg fluffier similar to how it's normally done in hotels. This one was a bit too dry and boring for me.

agahan 2

Paul, as I've mentioned, loved the Tinapa Silog. He loves Tinapa and Tuyo as these are his ultimate comfort food and he enjoyed this even more with a saucer filled with vinegar and an extra plate of salted egg and tomatoes.

agahan 6

In addition to our breakfast plates, we also ordered an order of Tuyo (Php. 35) which Paul shared with Irene. I wasn't able to try this as I was so lazy to debone the tiny fish.

agahan 7

Of course, after hearing so much positive feedback about Agahan's Chicken Nuggets (Php. 70). I just have to give this a try. ML was right, it had a very homemade flavor which is truly different from the ones that we get from McDonald's. I liked it. It was very tender inside and really crunchy outside. Kids may find it different but for chicken nugget fans like myself, this definitely was pretty good. :)

agahan 4

I was also able to try Richard's Longganisa Silog (Php. 140) which was on the sweet yet meaty side. Yum!

There are a lot more breakfast options to choose from and I'm excited to go back to try more. For one thing, I want to try the Chicken Nuggets Plate (Php. 100), the Bacon Breakfast Set (Php. 150) and their Omelette platters too!

Agahan, I'll definitely be back not only for breakfast but for lunch, snack and dinner as well!

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Agahan is located at 1012 Metropolitan Ave., San Antonio Village in Makati City. It's located near Hatchin Japanese Grocery. Call them at +63-928-5047058.

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