Welcoming the New Year with Tropicana Twister


How did you celebrate the New Year?

Watching the news, I can’t help but get teary-eyed as CNN featured the live New Year’s countdown at Times Square in New York City. From the looks of the crowd, it seems to be a very cold winter night yet this didn’t stop thousands of Americans to go out to the street to be part of this festive celebration. As soon as the clock struck twelve, everyone began hugging, cheering, some couples started kissing and kids began jumping and dancing all around. What a happy sight!

This scene is not far from what we had here in Manila 16 hours earlier than what happened in New York. In various part of the country, big parties were held, beautiful fireworks lit up the sky and in my in-law’s cozy home, we greeted one another and sat around the table to enjoy on our New Year’s Media Noche.


As we enjoyed our bowls of misua soup, sticky rice cakes and fruits, we opened two bottles of Tropicana Twister in two different flavors – Apple Lemon and Red Fusion. I’m not a fan of alcoholic drinks so this is a perfect alternative for people like me and for kids who are still up to partake in the midnight feast.

Tropicana created these two special flavors especially for the season. Made with real fruits, the Apple Lemon is a light citrus-y blend of apple, white grape, peach, pear and lemon. It actually reminds me of drinking a Mountain Dew minus the fizz. I enjoyed this with a slice of sweet ham with pineapple glaze on white bread.

As for the Red Fusion, it’s a combination of apple, pomegranate, red grape and a lot more! Paul liked this one more as according to him it tasted like the strawberry gelatin that he used to have as a kid. Furthermore, I normally would dilute my fruit juice with water to lessen the sweetness level but this time I drank it straight from the small bottle! It’s a good thing we chilled the bottles hours before midnight making it even more refreshing in every sip.

Oh how I wish Tropicana will have this year-round. After all, there should always be a reason to celebrate 365 days in a year and both the Tropicana Twister Red Fusion and Apple Lemon would make a good accompaniment to every party dish!

The Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I look forward to another family gathering happening soon. I'm definitely stocking up on more bottles of these two yummy flavors for everyone to enjoy! 

Hurry! Grab a bottle of the Tropicana Twister in your nearest supermarket before it runs out. It’s available in 355ml and 1L bottles.

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