Cheese Steak Shop lands in Makati City

I've tried a number of Philly Cheese Steaks in the past but I never really got around to learning about its history. It was until that fateful evening when Paul and I got an invite to have dinner at the Cheese Steak Shop in Makati where we were told of the Philly Cheese Steak story and how it finally found its way here in Manila, Philippines.

Given the name, this sandwich originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by a couple who began serving thinly sliced steaks and cheese in a long sandwich bun. Very similar to a hotdog sandwich, the craze about this meaty sandwich spread like wildfire and soon Philly Cheese Steaks are not only available in Philadelphia but in other states all around the USA as well.

cheesesteak 6

Take Cheese Steak Shop for instance. It originated in San Francisco 29 years ago (yes, same age as me!) and makes use of authentic ingredients such as their Amoroso rolls and Tastykakes which are shipped all the way from Philadelphia.

Here in Manila, we have owner Mai Uy to thank for bringing Cheese Steak Shop to our shores. In fact, it took her 22 years worth of dedication and pure love for Cheese Steak sandwiches that she didn't stop in convincing the big bosses of this US brand to allow her to franchise and take Cheese Steak Shop to Asia.

We were able to try a lot of things that evening however majority of which had beef in it thus I wasn't able to try them all. I didn't mind though as I enjoyed all the non-beef menu items that I was able to have a bite of that evening.

cheesesteak 4

First off was the Italian Salad (Php. 635). At first glance at the menu, you might gasp at the sight of the price of this salad but note that this contains a generous amount of Italian cold cuts, veggies and cheese. I really enjoyed having this to start my meal.

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Most of the Cheese Steak sandwiches comes in three different sizes -- 7", 10" and 15". The 7" is good for one but if you want to try more variants it may be shared by two as well. The 15" is really long that it may be shared by 3-4 pax! When ordering at the Cheese Steak Shop, you'd get to choose whether you want to have beef or chicken in your sandwich. After which, you choose your toppings. They have an extensive list of toppings to choose from! My favorite includes the Barbeque, Spinach and Garlic.

That evening though, we were able to try the Classic Philly Chicken Cheese Steak (Php. 280 / 399 / 720). I love the tender chicken meat, that was so juicy and flavorful. Their sandwiches are topped with spicy jalapeno and grilled onions. I couldn't take the hot jalapenos that I had to take each slice out before taking a bite. Taking Irene's advice, I added a generous amount of cheese on top of my sandwich for the extra dose of yumminess.

cheesesteak 2

Paul loves the Chicken Barbeque (Php. 300 / 485 / 750) as he enjoyed the sweet-smokey taste of the meat as each is coated with their signature barbeque sauce.

cheesesteak 3

To go with their sandwiches, I highly recommend that you try their sides. I love the crunchy Onion Rings (Php. 120 / 180), the Garlic Fries (Php. 99 / 135) and the delicious Twister Fries (Php. 99 / 135). Paul and I would order two large cups to share.

Similar to its mother company, Cheese Steak Shop Manila also makes use of Amoroso buns which are soooo soft you'd totally forget about your no-carb diet for a while. They also have Tastykakes, which were flown in from Philadelphia, too. 

The Cheese Steak Shop is a fun place to hangout and to enjoy a good, fully-loaded piece of sandwich. It's a good thing there's no need to ride a place to be able to try authentic Philly Cheese Steak as its available right here in the heart of Metro Manila.

Cheese Steak Shop is located at the Ground Floor, The E-Hotel Makati , 906 A. Arnaiz Street (formerly Pasay Road ) between Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue, Makati City.

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