Wishing upon a Globe : Letting my Superwish come true!


A few days ago, I shared with you our Superwish for the New Year. This includes our great big plan to enrich our knowledge in cooking and to take it to a higher level by finally enrolling ourselves in professional classes this year.

We're both extremely psyched for this! Oh, how we would talk non-stop on what we would like to learn and the dinners that we both will be able to host afterwards. No more relying on take outs, no more seeking the help of our talented Manang, my Mommy or Kongkong (while we still look up to them nonetheless)... soon we'll be able to create delicious meals on our own!

Working for the country's top-selling food magazine is truly a blessing. Of course, I have my growing collection of magazines and cookbooks to inspire and to help us get started. We're no strangers to the kitchen, after all. Once in a while we'll try a recipe or two which luckily would always turn out pretty successful. Still, we know there's still a lot of things we should learn and that we will make sure to achieve this year.

We're also very lucky at in today's day and age, information is within our reach. With just a few swipes to the left and to the right, a few clicks here and there, we get to access data within minutes...or seconds maybe. This, my friends, is the power of the INTERNET.

ipad cooking

Just imagine us being able to access a recipe of that amazing Lamb Briyani that we both enjoyed in Singapore at the comforts of our kitchen. With the help of the iPad or an iPhone, we can browse the Internet right away and I can log on to my favorite cooking site or to browse the digital version of my favorite food magazine to try a new recipe for dinner.

A few years back, we are still limited to having our PCs or if you're lucky, your bulky laptop in accessing the Internet. Today, we have the smartest Smart Phones, the beautiful creations of Apple (iPhone, iPad, etc) and of course every professional's buddy -- the Blackberry that allows you to log on to the Internet in just one click.

globe 01

Partner this with a reliable Telco supplier like Globe Telecom, you get to customized your own plans that allows you to avail for an unlimited data plan that won't leave you penniless at the end of the month. This is truly a great deal as it's not fun to pay a great sum just to gain Internet access.. believe me, I learned this the hard, painful way.

Introducing the Globe My Super Plan Unli Surf Combo, this is the country's first-ever range of fully-customized data plans for all postpaid subscribers. Imagine having unlimited Internet access whenever, wherever! Initially I thought this would be really expensive but to my surprise, we can actually have Unlimited Data Access for as low as Php 999!!

Here's how it goes:

globe 02

First, you choose what phone/gadget you'd like to have. I went for my dream iPhone 4S!!!

globe 03

Second, you choose your Plan. All includes Unlimited Mobile Surfing and just varies in terms of the add-ons that you'd like to have in your Plan. I went for the basic which includes Unlimited Mobile Surfing + a freebie I can choose to give me the chance to have Free Call and Text too!

globe 04

Third, I chose my FREE add-on! Of course, I went for the Free Call and Text to ALL Networks! That gives me 5 minutes worth of calls and 25 SMS. No worries there as I can talk realllyyyy fast!

There's also an option for you to add a Booster should the above inclusions is still not enough for you. This allows Unlimited Call or Text in different modes.

That's about it! It's as easy as One, Two, Click!

Remember, I mentioned that I want to avail of the iPhone 4S? Well, with Globe, they are offering this amazing phone together with their Unli Surf Combo 999 (with cash out of Php. 999 monthly). How's that for a great deal! I'm definitely heading to the nearest Globe Business Center SOON!

Meanwhile, do visit www.globe.com.ph/postpaid or call 730-1010 to know more about My Super Plan Unli Surf Combo and this exclusive iPhone 4S offer.

Here's to more surfing, cooking and mobile browsing while whipping up one yummy dish after the other!

Our Superwish is starting to be a reality...I can taste it already!

*photo credit: iPad in the Kitchen

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