Welcoming the Water Dragon at Jasmine, New World Hotel

Tonight, we bid the hopping Rabbit good bye and welcome the fiery Water Dragon at the struck of twelve midnight.

While last year was a pretty happy and prosperous one for us, we are filled with more optimism and good wishes for the coming New Year!! :) For our family, we have scheduled our annual Chinese New Year celebration tomorrow as it is also my dear Mommy's birthday! My sister, Paul and I have been busy completing our lunch menu and we are just soooo excited for it! Truly a double lucky day for my Mom, don't you think?

To make it extra lucky, our menu has 8 different variants : Cha Misua, Crunchy Calamares, Stuffed Chicken (Pat Po Kwe), Sauteed Prawns, Lengua with Mushroom, Spicy Eggplant Hot Pot, Dumplings (Jiao Zi) and my Kongkong's signature Pata Tim! My mouth waters just at the thought of our lunch menu! It will be a mix of dishes prepared here at home, some to be prepared by Paul's talented Manang and others store-bought. :) It will be truly a busy morning for all of us tomorrow!

new world jasmine pun choy

For those who would rather dine out with the family. I recommend that you visit New World Hotel's Jasmine Restaurant where they will be preparing a traditional Chinese New Year dish called "Pun Choy". This is actually a must-have in all New Year's Eve dinner in China and Hong Kong. There's no rule on what should be included provided that all variants add up to 18 and it will be place in one big basin or tray. I was also told that even fast foods in Hong Kong like Maxim's and Cafe de Coral have this available too.

food bloggers philippines
Manila's food bloggers greeting you a Happy Chinese New Year!!
(left to right: Roch, Yedy, Frannywanny, Jane, Glenn and Richard)

We were so lucky to be invited to be able to try Jasmine's version a few days ago. This is definitely a dish fit for a king! In this wooden basin you'll get a generous serving of...*are you ready?*... abalone, sea moss, conpoy (scallops), sea cucumber, dried oysters, prawns, eel fillet, roasted duck, chicken, pata tim (pig knuckle), goose web, fish balls, taro, radish and a whole lot more! The soup was really rich as all ingredients are simmered in this pot! I suggest you go for plain white rice with this to be able to fully appreciate the rich, flavorful sauce.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Jasmine Restaurant has prepared a full lauriat dinner to go with the Pun Choy. You'll start with the Deluxe Appetizer platter, followed by Double Boiled Chicken Soup, then a plate of Poached Chinese Lettuce with Superior Soy Sauce, a bowl of Steamed Thai Rice with Chinese Sausage. For Dessert, you'll have Sweetened Ginger and White Fungus Soup with Glutinous Flour Dumplings, their homemade Tikoy and Imported LoZhou Pomkam (Mandarin Orange).

This Chinese New Year lauriat set is worth Php 14,888 for 6 pax and Php. 29,888 for 12 pax. Given the premium ingredients included in just the Pun Choy alone, this is definitely a great deal! :)

*photos by: Paul Ang

Jasmine Restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of the New World Hotel, Esperanza street, corner Makati Avenue in Makati City. Call them at 811-6888 local 3338 for reservations.

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