J. Co Donuts and Coffee is coming to Manila!

Let's start the countdown!!!

j. co 3

Indonesia's very own donut and coffee brand is finally opening its doors in Manila! I've been hearing about J. Co. Donuts and Coffee ever since our trip to Singapore and Malaysia almost two years ago and was once again intrigued by it after my sister's trip to Singapore where she was able to try their coffee and liked it very much!

Admittedly, I do not have a sweet tooth and has one of the lowest sugar tolerance in the family but I was really excited when 3 huge yellow boxes were delivered to my office one afternoon a month ago. I opened each one of them and the smell of freshly baked donuts instantly made my tummy rumble. Since I was still swamped with work, I shared one box with my colleagues who all liked the ultra moist and fluffy-soft donuts. The boys gave their thumbs up while the girls immediately asked where J. Co. is located. I grinned and told them the good news... J. Co. will soon open their first branch at The Strip in SM Megamall.

Let me share with you some of J. Co.'s famous donut flavors and the ones that I love the most!

j. co 1

Al Capone
This was the first donut that I tried as this soft and fluffy donut covered with almond slivers and white chocolate looked really enticing!! I love the crunchy almonds and the fact that the white chocolate was not too sweet!

j. co 2

Heaven Berry (3rd row, middle)
Paul and I love strawberry so this was our 2nd pick. We agreed to split this one and we both enjoyed the creamy strawberry filling that oozes out in every bite. I normally try to stay away from cream-filled donuts as my tummy do not work really well with heavy cream but I'm happy to report that J. Co.'s cream filling was really light and smooth. Yum!

Tiramisu (4th row, middle)
I also love this Tiramisu-flavored donut and left half a slice for my coffee-loving dad. Do bite into this coffee-flavored frosted donut with their signature creamy filling inside.

Chocolate Caviar (1st row, left)
Paul and my sister Pan are both chocoholics. Thus, it was no big surprise when they were both eyeing to try the Chocolate Caviar which was a really pretty chocolate frosted donut covered with J. Co. delicious chocolate caviars. They both love the rich chocolate frosting and the caviar that was crunchy reminding them of one of their favorite chocolate bar.  A really elegant looking donut perfect for all chocoholics out there.

Strawberry Caviar (1st row, right)
I , on the other hand, loved the Strawberry Caviar as it really showed the perfect marriage of fruity sweet strawberry and the chocolate wafer-like caviars. If only J. Co. was already here during my wedding, I can imagine giving this out to all my guests as it perfect fits our wedding theme! :) 

What better way to enjoy your coffee but to also have this with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. J. Co. is pretty proud of their line of coffee drinks that makes use of Italian Arabica beans, my personal favorite.

Kids will also enjoy their visit to J. Co. because aside from being able to try their many donut offerings, they also have frozen yogurts available too!

So mark the date!

March 15, 2012 is THE day for J. Co. Donuts and Coffee to finally open its doors and to welcome its Filipino customers into its store.

Exciting isn't it? Well, here's more!

Be one of the first 200 customers to enter the store and get a special treat from the J. Co. team!!

See you all thereeee!!! :)

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