Hello 2012!!!

As soon as the clock strucked 12 last night, I stood up and instinctively jumped three times. My sister-in-law laughed as she reminded me of the sad truth... I won't get any taller by doing that anymore. :P Still, I love the juggling sound of the coins that Paul told me to put in my polka dot pink shorts. If I can't get any taller, then I hope to be rich!

frannywanny 3

It was my first time to celebrate New Year's Eve at my in-laws and I enjoyed heading down to the dining table where the entire table was filled with all sorts of round fruits, cakes, roasted chesnuts and bowls of misua soup for each one of us. A few minutes after that, my cousin-in-law came by to wish us a Happy New Year! Too bad my other sister-in-law couldn't join us or it would have been fun to have the kids running around screaming "Happy New Year" too!

My phone rang and it was my mom and sister wishing us a Happy New Year as they just had our traditional wine drinking at home. For a while there, I felt a bit emotional after realizing that it was my first time to miss our yearly tradition which also includes hanging out at my parents' room to watch the beautiful fireworks in the neighborhood. I then reminded myself that we're going home the next day to continue the celebration with my side, this time.

frannywanny 2

This year was made more meaningful as Paul and I were able to equally spend our New Year with both families. I'm also so happy that his family gets to bond with mine once in a while. This is exactly how I want my year to be. Filled with love, care and support going all around.

So, from my two families to yours, we wish you all a....

Happy Happy New Year!!!

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