Food for Thought: My Superwish for the New Year!


Over and over again, Paul and I have been claiming that 2012 will be OUR year. This will be the year that hopefully we’ll be able to achieve financial growth and stability and at our young age, we aim to finally have the luxury to have our own car, to plan for our future home and to prepare for our little bundle of joy. I know it’s not enough to just blog about it thus we have been taking baby steps…small but well-thought out plans to reach our goals.

I’m lucky though that Paul is a very frugal man. He’s a simple guy who would rather save his money than to throw it all away over clothes, gadgets or toys (for the Big Boys). In fact, his being frugal allowed him to pay for our entire wedding expenses and he made sure to give me my dream team of suppliers and as a whole, made his bride’s dream come true. This is something quite unusual for typical Chinese families where the parents of the groom would normally be the ones who would foot the bill but being responsible and mature, Paul insisted to take full control of it. I truly am a lucky girl!

In line with working towards our plan to be able to afford all of those things mentioned above, I also realized that it’s important for the both of us to learn something new this year. After all, we shouldn’t stop learning and by being married, this shouldn’t be a reason for us not to enrich our talents or perhaps to hone a new skill. For years, Paul and I have been planning to take up a culinary course. With our love for food, it has always been our plan to someday have our own food business. Sure, I’ve had a bit of culinary background back when I was kid but I don’t think that would suffice. Paul is a natural in the kitchen but we both recognize the fact that there is a need to really learn it the professional way.

I’m letting you in on our game plan…our 2012 SuperPlan.

that's not Paul yet but in a year's time, that WILL be him! ;)

In a few months from now, we will be attending short culinary courses that best suits our taste and interest. For me, I’m thinking of taking up a dimsum course simply because I love Chinese food and this is something I hope I can learn to do at home. Paul, being the manly man that he is, doesn’t want to spend the entire day shaping dimsum wrappers into cute tiny designs and instead is interested to take up a full course on the Basics of Cooking. He’s the type who loves to experiment and with better know-how I’m sure he’ll be able to create one unique and delicious dish after the other. After all, in this day and age, innovation and customization is KEY.

How’s that for a plan?

I know it may not make us instant billionaires overnight but being able to gain more knowledge is more valuable than what money can buy. To quote my favorite philosopher, Socrates, he once said: “Prefer knowledge to wealth, for the one is transitory, the other perpetual.”

Truly a wise man that he is, I agree that what we know can last us a lifetime vs. something tangible which can be gone overnight.

fingers crossed

We will never stop dreaming and working hard to achieve our goals. Sure, there may be barriers along the way but just like a clear communication line, we will be able to attain perfection someday...our way.

So, wish us luck, dear readers!

*photo credit: (for the kid crossing fingers), (for culinary)

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