Pino Resto Bar + Pipino Vegetarian in Quezon City

A few months ago, Paul and I met up with long time friends Sophie, Jean and Karl for our much-awaited dinner. This plan has been pushed back so many times that we were all so excited that the day has finally come that we will be able to catch up and see each other again. The venue was set at Quezon City and going through my Restaurant List, I suggested that we try Pino Resto Bar which shares the same building with its healthier vegan version, Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant.

pino 9

I was able to try Pipino's Mac and Cheese during the Yummy Eats event last May. In fact, it was the only thing I ate after running around the venue, making sure everything goes as planned all day. I wasn't really planning to eat had it not been for Paul who pulled me to stop and firmly told me to eat after 10 attempts or so. When I had my first bite of Pipino's Mac and Cheese, I was hooked! It was delicious, no signs of it being a purely vegan dish and it was very addicting in fact. Too addicting that I've been thinking about it for days weeks months after my event.

Finally, we found ourselves at the entrance of Pino Resto Bar. Luckily, we made reservations as the place was already full at 7PM! Since Pipino is just located at the 2nd floor of Pino, we were allowed to order from both restaurants. Yay!

pino 2

Our meal started with a bowl of Taro Chips (Php. 60) which was really yummy! I loved the crisp, lightly salted veggie chips paired with their homemade soy sauce. In fact, there's no need for the dip as the chips was delightful as it was.

pino 3

We also had the Crispy Shrimps with Salted Egg (Php. 225) which are deep-fried baby shrimps coated salted egg and served with their homemade vinegar. I'm not really fond of eating the entire shrimps with the shell intact. I always get this phobia that the sharp edges might hurt my gums. Just had three tiny pieces of this.

pino 4

Of course, how can I ever forget ordering Pipino's Mac n' Cheeze (Php. 165). I have been raving about it as my friends and I were browsing through that menu that I also have to state a disclaimer that I could have just been extremely hungry that time thus affecting my taste buds and judgement. Still my friends were game enough to order this for me to try it again. I'm happy to share that the Mac n' Cheeze was really delicious! Hungry or not so hungry, this is definitely a must-try! No beef or meat can be found instead all you get is a bowl of really creamy and cheesy elbow macaroni which makes a great meal on its own.

pino 5

We also tried the Kare-Kareng Bagnet (Php. 565) where I had really high expectations after reading about it online. I was really praying hard that we won't end up disappointed with this dish. Luckily, one bite of the crispy bagnet and we all had nothing but raves about it. The sauce was really thick, rich and flavorful that I couldn't stop scooping more over my brown rice. The bagnet was crunchy with a good amount of lean meat and a bit of fat. The Kare-Kareng Bagnet really deserves to be the house specialty and I would love to go back to Pino for more of this.

pino 6

For our soup, we were initially looking for Sinigang but when we saw the Binakol (Php. 265) in the menu, we decided to get this instead. I love how refreshing this soup cooked with the light chicken broth, a big piece of native chicken and coconut shavings. It went perfect well with our meal that day.

pino 1

Pino is a perfect dining choice for friends and family. They even have pitchers for their Iced Tea giving customers more savings that way. We tried their Iced Tea Pitcher (Php. 80) which wasn't very sweet, perfect just for my taste. Note though that one pitcher is probably enough for just 3 pax thus we had to order 2 pitchers for our party of 5.

pino 7

cute wall art by WeeWillDoodle!!!

We all had a great time dining at Pino + Pipino! Nothing beats enjoying good food matched with an amazing and fun company! :)

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Pino Resto Bar and Pipino Vegetarian are located at 39 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Call them at 441-1773.

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