Classified Ad: Beer for Crumpler Bags!!!

Yep! You read that right..true I had a shot of this cocktail called Kiss on the Lips and I think it actually hit me even more than just a soft, tender kiss. With my low tolerance for alcohol here I am typing away as my brain is starting to head to la-la-land...Before I completely doze off, I'd like to share with you this great news from our friends over at Crumpler Philippines!

They will soon be having a big event where you can exchange a bottle/can/case of beer for your very own Crumpler bag!!! I don't know about you but I'm definitely hoarding probably a dozen cases of beer just for this.

Beer for Bags Teaser Final

See you there!! For more info, visit the official Facebook page of Crumpler Philippines.


  1. Wow!! Kaya pala beer for bags!! Marami kaming pwedeng i-exchange diyan! Hahaha


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