Luxe-Dining: Lusso at Greenbelt 5

Forgive me dear readers as I'm still in truffle heaven.

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face as I thought of that delicious plate of pasta that I had last night. Indeed, this just got to be one of the best hangovers that I've ever had and here I am daydreaming about it again as I type this entry.

Finally, after months of planning, Paul and I met up with a couple of his cousins for dinner at Lusso. This is to bid goodbye to two cousins who will be traveling soon and to also celebrate ML's birthday at the same time. What a fun celebration!

We initially had a hard time looking for the restaurant as there was no huge signage which you will commonly see in most restaurants but rather all they have is an engraved signage spelling out LUSSO at the handle of the restaurant door. Very subtle yet so elegant. Reservations were made and our party of 12 was comfortably seated inside. The menu came in the form of a small lengthwise piece of paper with back-to-back printing. Once again, very simple and clean.

As a diligent foodie, I did my own research. Thanks to various food bloggers who gave their recommendations making ordering that evening a breeze.

lusso 1

Paul wanted to share but as we were advised, the serving is pretty much just good for one. Thus we decided to order to entrees and split both into half. Dinner began with a bowl of Truffle Potato Chips (Php. 150). As you all know, I love truffle oil! I love how I can easily smell the aromatic scent of truffle the moment the bowl was laid down on the table.

There were three bloggers present that evening (my cousin Lovely, ML and yours truly) and thankfully we were seated near each other allowing the other half of the table to have a head start on their own bowl of chips. We quickly took a couple of photos and began munching on the delicious chips. I got to admit though that while the scent was pretty strong, I had a hard time finding the taste of the truffle as I bite into the chip. I guess they were trying to strike a balance between truffle aficionados like myself and those who are not so into the strong, earthy flavor of truffle.

lusso 3

For our first entree, we got the Spinach Taglierini (Php. 350). Initially, we wanted to try the Luxe "Mac & Cheese" but upon asking the serving which of the three pasta dishes is their best-selling and he told us that it was the Spinach Taglierini, we immediately changed our order. Of course, this decision was made after I asked him if they also add truffle oil to this dish and once I heard the "YES", there goes our Mac & Cheese which we will try next time.

Now let me tell you why this particular dish has kept me daydreaming about it hours after our dinner at Lusso...

...simply because it was so DELICIOUS!!

The pasta noodles were perfectly al dente and the sauce not overly rich and creamy. It coated the noodles very well and the truffle scent and taste were very much evident this time. I also enjoyed how it had bits of mushrooms and parma ham adding a bit of saltiness to the pasta. It was definitely so yummy and reasonably-priced! I'm definitely having this again and again and again! ♥

lusso 2

Our second entree was also very delightful. We had the Lobster & River Prawn Roll (Php. 450). This is a full meal on its own as the sandwich came with some more potato chips (not truffled this time) and a solo serving of house salad. While I enjoyed the pasta immensely, Paul fell in-love with his sandwich. He loved the generous serving of lobster and prawn meat which was mixed together in a creamy spread. He even teased me that we wouldn't mind having meatless days provided he can have this all the time (hehe! let's see about that!).

I had half of the sandwich and I enjoyed the crusty bread which was a good contrast to the creamy filling. While this is also another must-try, my heart still belongs to the delicious pasta of Spinach Taglierini.

yang cousins
Yang cousins

I love the ambiance of Lusso as it is pretty laid back allowing you to have long lunch dates with perhaps your girl friends or your sister. Sadly, I don't drink but it seems perfectly fit to have a glass of wine to go with your meal. I'm definitely in Lusso heaven and I can't wait to go back. ♥ ♥ ♥

Lusso is located at the G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legaspi Village in Makati City. For reservations, call them at 756-5893.

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