Shine in Barcelona with Sun Life Financial Philippines

Sun Life Financial,the pioneer insurance company in the country, has always been a part of our lives for as long as I can remember. It's simply because my mom has been a Sun Life Financial advisor since I was one. That's how loyal and successful Mommy has been with the company. In fact, I always like to say that Sun Life Financial has helped my parents in being able to bring us to the best schools in town starting from grade school up until our university years. It also has helped made our lives really comfortable and of course, this is all with the extreme hard work that both my parents have exerted to make everything possible.

Needless to say, the Sun Life community is like family to us. My mom's colleagues have seen my sister and I grow up. In fact, some of them have been my mom's kumares making us closer not only to their kids but to the entire family as well.

There's also a really fun part about being a Sun Life advisor! You get to TRAVEL! Through the years, Sun Life Financial has brought both my parents to Europe, China, most parts of Asia, and even down under in Australia to join their leadership conferences. While my sister and I would get bummed out that we both will be parent-less for two weeks or so, we love the gifts that they would bring home for us all from those trips. :)

Lastly, seeing my mom totally in love with her career, I realized that as a Sun Life Financial advisor, you do more than selling and explaining the wide-array for products of the company. You become a friend, a mentor and someone who will stand by not only your client's side but you watch out for the entire family as you help them achieve financial security all throughout the highs and lows of their lives. I've seen how close my mom has been with her long-time clients as they would confide in her, ask her for advice or just call her for a few minutes to chat. To them, she's more than their advisor, Mommy has been their life-long friend whom they trust and will continue to trust forever. Her career, to me, has transcended to being a mission in educating and bringing light to everyone whose lives she will continue to touch.

I really am so proud of my Mom! :)

sun life financial barcelona

If you feel that being a Sun Life Financial advisor is your calling or you know of someone who does, well here's your chance to make a difference! The best part is, you can actually win a trip to sunny Barcelona by simply making a referral.

All you have to do is to visit the official Facebook page of Sun Life Financial Philipines, fill up an embedded form and say a little prayer, cross your fingers and toes as you might just win a trip to Barcelona, Spain!

ilustrado paella

Just imagine all the things that you can do as you immerse yourself in the colorful culture and the delicious taste of Barcelona! Well, if that's me, I'm definitely treating myself to some paella and lots of tapas all throughout my trip.

So what are you waiting for? Join now! :) 

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