Healthy Start with Starbucks Coffee's Salad Selection

I'm starting the week right!

After having a really tummy-filling hotpot dinner last Saturday and a gastronomic buffet lunch yesterday, I'm giving my tummy a break by having something light and healthy today.

chick salad-002

Just a quick trip to my favorite Starbucks Coffee store and I get to choose from four of their new salad offerings namely: Southern Chicken Salad, Mediterranean Tuna Salad, Cold Chicken Soba Salad and the Moroccan Chicken Couscous Salad.

I was actually able to try all four salads a week ago when my friends over at Starbucks Coffee sent me a few samples to try.

During lunch one weekday, I started with the Southern Chicken Salad which gives a twist to the regular Chicken Salad. Served with crunchy wheat bagel crostinis, this one has all-natural chicken chopped and mixed with diced celery, onions, hard boiled eggs and pickle relish. It reminds me of what my Mommy would usually make at home only its served with assorted greens and sprinkled with lots of cheese. I enjoyed this very much and liked the fact that the amount of crostinis was pretty generous.

tuna salad-001

Next was the Mediterranean Tuna Salad. Quite similar to the Southern Chicken Salad as it also comes with whole wheat bagel crostinis. I love tuna and I really enjoyed this salad as it's mixed with olives, onions, artichokes and red bell peppers. I'm happy to note also that the tuna doesn't have a fishy taste or smell.

chicken soba-001

We also had the Cold Chicken Soba which was my least favorite but ok nonetheless. I love the sesame soy sauce and the delicious shiitake mushrooms and chicken strips. It's a different take from the usual cold soba that we'd normally have in Japanese restaurants. This one has the addition of the veggies and a few pieces of meat making it a complete meal on its own.

Since I couldn't fit my bag filled with salad boxes in our office refrigerator also that day, I had it sit on my desk the entire day hoping the air blowing from the air-conditioner will keep my salads fresh to last until dinner time. I'm so happy that come dinner time, the lettuce leaves stayed crisp and the meat fresh and odor-free.

chicken couscous-001

The last salad was the one that I was able to enjoy at home. This was, in fact, the one that I loved the most! Upon opening your box of the Moroccan Chicken Couscous Salad be prepared to be greeted by that spicy aroma brought by the mix of Moroccan spices included in this salad. As you drizzle some lemon dill yogurt dressing, be prepared to bite into the flavorful couscous and tender chicken strips mixed with chopped tomatoes, onions, red bell pepper and some snow peas. I really liked this very much as the couscous, though tiny in size, can be very filling!

My mom enjoyed this as well and was actually hoping to have more greens as there were just a few added into this salad. I'm definitely going back to Starbucks Coffee for more of this salad!

guilt free-017 copy

They say, you can always treat yourself without hurting your belly and gaining that unwanted pound. For this first part of the year, Starbucks Coffee came out with their signature dessert called Guilt-free Indulgence (Sugar-Free) which is a purely chocolate-y dessert that has three different types of chocolate mousse from white, milk to dark chocolate. I love how velvety smooth the cake is and despite being sugar-free, it was still so indulgent making it a perfect ending to my meal. While I'm not the self-proclaimed chocoholic in the family, I enjoyed this just the same but I think it was Paul who really fell head over heels while enjoying his piece of cake did.

Head over to your favorite Starbucks Coffee store now!! :)

*photo credit: Starbucks Coffee Philippines

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