Sunday Brunch at the Marriott Hotel

Don't you just loveeeeee breakfast?

I really do but I sometimes find it so hard to pull myself out of bed especially during the weekends. Can you relate with me?

This is the reason why I totally salute the person who invented the word "brunch". It's perfect! Not too early like breakfast yet no need to wait till 12 for it to officially be considered lunch.

Take for example what happened last Sunday. Paul and I had to bring my sister to the airport at 10AM for her to make it to her noon flight. Feeling our tummies grumbling loudly, we headed to Marriott Hotel's Cafe at Newport City to avail of their Sunday Brunch where we, together with other bloggers, were invited as it was their opening day. We were one of the first who arrived and boy I was so excited!

marriott 5

The buffet spread was pretty impressive! We were greeted with an abundant display of fresh oysters with sauces and toppings to suit your taste. Across it was the cheese display where I helped myself to a few slices together with a lot of smoked salmon with capers and creamy sauce.

marriott chocolate 03

A new discovery, the Cured Tandoori Rubbed Salmon. It tasted very much like the Smoked Salmon only with a slight smoky taste. Yummy! I had two servings of this and I can't help but crave for more as I'm writing this.

marriott 4

Paul, on the other hand, can be pretty predictable when dining at buffets. Of course, he just have to fill his plate with Chilled Tiger Prawns and a bowl full of Cocktail Sauce. This is his routine as he loves this very much. Thus, this is also his gauge of determining whether a hotel buffet is good or not. Since he had two plates of Tiger Prawns that date, it surely looks like Marriott Cafe passed with flying technicolors!

marriott 3

Moving inward, I headed next to the salad bar where I helped myself to the freshest greens like iceberg lettuce, arugula and watercress. I love their creamy salad dressings and topped my salad with lots of bacon bits, croutons and cheese. Yes, I know...not very healthy but really really yummy!

marriott 6
Check out my first plate!!

What made this Sunday Brunch extra special is that diners not only can enjoy the wide spread prepared by Marriott Cafe but they can also hop over to Cru, Marriott Hotel's very own steak house to enjoy grilled steaks and seafoods. They also have foie gras available too! I was able to try but sadly, I just do not like the taste and texture of fatty goose liver. *shudder*

marriott 2

Going back to Marriott Cafe, I enjoyed the Roasted Lamb where I had a slice with some mint jelly. Yum! The lechon was ok but I still prefer the one bought by friends Irene and Richard from Davao. Yes, my taste buds are really spoiled already!

They also have a Pasta Bar which I was planning to visit but there were just so many things to try that I opted to skip the carbs that day. I'll make sure to try this next time as they make their own gnocchi, ravioli and truffled risottos too! Shucks! Will leave space next time!

I was also able to visit the Chinese section where I had a few servings of my favorite Hakao and Jelly Fish. The hakao (shrimp dimsum) was really good as it's filled with shrimps and not extenders. The jelly fish was crunchy and sweet -- just the way I love it.

They also have a Japanese and Indian section available too!

Chocolate Lovers World

marriott chocolate 01

Well, the highlight of this Sunday Brunch is not just the grilled steaks or the juicy plump prawns but rather it's a visit to the Chocolate Room where you can have your fill of all types of chocolate truffles and cakes. You'll get to meet the Chocolate Lady too!

marriott 1

At the middle of the room is a big fondue fountain where you can take your pick from all the fresh fruits, candies and cookies available for you to dip into the rich melted chocolate.

Cute little Lauren was totally awed by the numerous chocolate offerings available all in one room! She was also amazed at the Chocolate-covered Lady who ended up talking and saying hi to diners at the latter part of brunch. I was a bit freaked out but I guess she'd definitely be a hit with the kids!

It truly felt like you stepped into the world of Willy Wonka for just a few hours.

marriott chocolate 02

Sunday brunch is the time for families to bond and to unwind. Expect to have some entertainers like a mime magician to visit your table to bring laughter and fun to everyone! Ours showed a few tricks with the help of his new found friends namely Paul and Richard.

There are also a lot of dessert options and drinks available during Marriott's Sunday Brunch. Ladies will enjoy sipping a glass of Bloody Mary or Martini specially prepared for you. Kids will love the homemade Ice Cream available too.

I really enjoyed Marriott Cafe's Sunday Brunch as I find it worth the Php. 2,000 rate. Only I find the selections more suitable for lunch and that there's a lack of breakfast items like crispy fried bacon, an omelet/egg station or some pancakes and waffles to enjoy. After all, this should be a combination of breakfast and lunch! It would be cool to have congee at the Chinese station and some arroz caldo for the Filipino station too.

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Marriott Café Sunday Brunch is available every Sunday, 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM. For inquiries or reservations, call 988-9999. This is located at 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City. The hotel is located across the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3.

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