Longganisa Sorpresa at Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig

I love the simple things!

A box of sweet treats... My doggie Scottie excitedly greeting me by the door...Impromptu lunch outs with Paul and friends and a lot more! I'd say I'm pretty easy to please and more often than not it always involves food! Paul, for one, knows this very well already... the way to my heart is definitely through my STOMACH! ♥

A couple of weeks ago, we had an impromptu lunch date with some members of The Food Club at Longganisa Sorpresa. I'm lucky that the restaurant is just a stone's throw away from my office making it very accessible for me. I've mentioned a number of times how much I love Brgy. Kapitolyo as it's rapidly growing to be a foodie haven. There's Mad Mark's, Lia's Cakes in Season, my favorite Milky and Sunny, the ever-dependable Uncle Moe's and our latest office craze..Rub Ribs!

We got there just in time before the lunch crowd arrived allowing us to secure a good parking spot. The menu was quite extensive however we zeroed in on their special set meals (Long-Si-Log) which is only worth P99 each! One set is inclusive of your choice of longganisa (Filipino pork sausage), garlic rice, egg and iced tea! What a great deal!

Longganisa is one meat product that is widely available, I'd say, all over the country! From Baguio in the north down to General Santos in Mindanao, each province has their own version of longganisa and the taste varies from sweet to spicy, from garlicky to smoked. As such, Longganisa Sorpresa offers a wide array for choices with a very helpful menu categorizing each longganisa allowing you to easily choose one that would perfectly suit your taste.

longganisa 3

I love sweet tasting longganisa so I went with the Cabanatuan (Sweet version) longganisa meal. My platter came with two plump sausages which was very tender and as promised, sweet. The garlic rice was pretty good however I like my rice a bit more sticky and more garlicky. The egg was well-prepared too however I'll remember to request for them to serve it scrambled next time.

longganisa 2

Paul, on the other hand, loves smokey and salty longganisas. Therefore, he went for the Vigan Long-Si-Log platter. He was also very satisfied with his order however he commented that the longganisa were a bit small in size.

longganisa 4

It's a good thing we ordered an additional plate of General Santos Longganisa which is actually made of fish. I liked this very much and will make sure to order this again on my next visit. Note though that you have to clarify with the server how many pieces is included in the extra order. Our extra General Santos longganisa was worth the P35 price tag as we got two medium-sized sausages. Whereas our friends Richard and Irene got a teeny tiny Cebu longganisa for half the price.

longganisa 1

For those who'll be having longganisa for the first time, always remember that longganisa and vinegar goes hand in hand. In fact, no longganisa meal is complete without dipping this into a saucer filled with local vinegar. In Longganisa Sorpresa, you get to also have your choice of vinegar! There's the spicy Pinakurat to my favorite Sukang Iloko. There's really no hard and fast rule on what vinegar should go with a particular longganisa. For as long as it suits well with your taste then go for that and enjoy!

I love how all these budget friendly, casual restaurants are starting to grow exponentially by the months! Food Tripping is truly more fun in the Philippines, don't you think? :)

*photo credit: Paul Ang

Longganisa Sorpresa is located along United Street, Brgy. Kapitolyo in Pasig City. Located right across D'Ace Plaza.

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