Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Love is truly in the air! ♥

happy valentine's day pasta cibo

Even on my delicious plate of Penne alla Russa (smoked salmon and caviar) from Cibo.

Spend this day spreading the love not only to your special someone but to your family and friends as well!!


p.s. this is me trying my hand at Instagram and other Apple apps. heehee


  1. happy valentine's day achi fran!

  2. Happy Valentine's day to you and Paul!!!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! ♥

  4. Happy Valentines!
    I haven't eaten at Cibo, are their food any good? :3

  5. @winter: oh yes I love cibo! must try their spinaci zola (spinach dip), pattatine frito (potato chips), farfalle alla genovese (pesto with mushrooms with farfalle noodles), red grape shake and a lot more!!


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