Weekend Discovery : Prata Planet in Clementi

Once again, Paul and I visited the west side of Singapore one weekend. Back at Clementi where we planned to do our weekly grocery shopping and hopefully to grab some Baskin Robbins ice cream on our way home. We were hoping to meet up with our friends N and T but sadly they had other plans. Of course, they're such sweet friends that they still sent us a couple of restaurant recommendations for us to try. One of those is Prata Planet.

prata planet 2
How funny that ever since we moved to the Lion City, Paul and I do enjoy the local Indian fare most especially the 3 Ps: paneer, papadum and prata. O also joined us that day and with the address on one hand and our Singapore Map app on the other, we went out to search for the restaurant. Prata Planet is located a block away from the Clementi MRT station. It's actually at the ground floor of one of the housing estates in the area. It was quite easy spotting the restaurant as it's facing the street.

prata planet 5
As soon as we settled into our table, we browsed the menu and noticed that they sure have a wide selection of pratas. Well, I guess they wouldn't name it Prata Planet if they only have 5-6 flavors right? From sweets to savory, you'll surely go prata crazy with all the options available. We played it safe first and tried the Egg Prata (S$1.80). Fluffy hand-tossed Indian crepe, I love the buttery chewy texture that pairs perfectly with their homemade curry. So good!

prata planet 1
Paul and I also got the Bombay Thali : Non-Vegetarian (S$9) to share. It's a generous platter of 3 viands and a mountain of briyani rice, a couple of naan and papadum. I initially wanted to get one platter each but Paul knows my takaw tingin appetite very well that he suggests we share this one and get a side dish instead. True enough, it was a lot of one most especially since I wasn't that hungry that day. The chicken butter curry was really good, not too spicy and it has a good sweet note to it too. The dhal is a personal favorite of mine as I'm a fan of anything with lentils. Of course, one piece of papadum is not enough for us so we got an additional basket of papadum to share.

prata planet 6
I'm so happy that they also have Paneer Mattar (S$4.50 / S$8.50)! Hooray! Paneer is Indian cottage cheese cut into cubes and normally cooked with curry. Mattar means peas so it's a simple yet flavorful curry dish of cottage cheese and peas. It actually comes in two sizes and for us, we happily enjoyed the bigger plate with briyani rice and lots of papadum. Heaven.

prata planet 4
We enjoyed our first ever meal at Prata Planet so what obviously happened next?! We went back for a 2nd visit, of course! It was O's birthday and he decided to treat the entire gang out for some prata dinner. This time, Paul and I shared the Mysore Mutton Briyani (S$7.50) which is boneless fork-tender mutton buried within a generous serving of briyani rice. It was a bit spicy but still quite bearable for those with low spicy threshold. We love how soft the mutton was which was probably cooked for hours. To go with this, we once again had the Paneer Mattar which was incredibly delicious just like the first time.

prata planet 3
To end O's birthday dinner, we shared two types of dessert pratas: Ice Cream Prata and Chocolate Prata. We were quite full already so we just had a spoonful of each. I love the Chocolate Prata despite not looking quite photogenic above. It tasted like a chocolate crepe and the ice cream was a nice touch to fan out any burning tongue brought about by the curries.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of discovering a hidden gem like Prata Planet! This will definitely be my reason why I'll be frequenting Clementi from now on.

Prata Planet is located 320 Clementi Avenue 4, 01-35/37, Singapore 120320. Call them at 6773-0733. (MRT station: Clementi)

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