Wow Tako in Plaza Singapura

Back then, when Paul and I were still dating, we would frequent the malls on weekends. He often comments that I snack a lot. Say, we've just had lunch at 12 noon and come 3PM, I'd be dragging him to have some corn dog, maybe a cup of milk tea or perhaps some fries or nachos to munch on while shopping. After having that snack, I'd be looking forward to dinner.

Yes, I love to snack a lot most especially when I'm out in the mall. So, this little habit of mine has kept him baffled and slightly amused for years and it was only when Mommy came to visit us a few months ago and Paul spent a full day with her as they went around Orchard Road, that he finally discovered the magical answer. Apparently, this love for snacking while shopping runs in the family and I obviously got it from my dear Mommy. My mom, being very health conscious though, is more careful with her snacking choices. She stays away from deep-fried snack items or those which are too sweet, creamy and salty. Normally, she'd go with a pack of crackers, some cut-up fruits or even a freshly squeezed orange juice. If there's one thing that she can't resist though, it would be takoyaki.

Who doesn't love takoyaki?

wow tako 2
A popular Japanese pancake-like snack that's cooked on a special griller that shapes the takoyaki into bite-sized balls. The authentic takoyaki is filled with octopus but in today's modern time, we now have takoyaki filled with all sorts of savory fillings -- ham & cheese, shrimp, spicy tuna, mushroom, salmon and more! Basically anything one can imagine can definitely go into the takoyaki ball.

wow tako 1
So, last Friday I chanced upon Wow Tako in Plaza Singapura and I just gave in to temptation and got the 5 pcs. box for only S$3! Hooray for special promotions! Wow Tako is known to have a lot of filling options but that day only three flavors were available -- Octopus, Shrimp and Ham & Cheese. I got them all to be able to try the 3 different fillings. Serving was quick but not very friendly. It's okay though, I was just there to get my takoyaki balls and leave right away.

wow tako 3
Wow, look at these delicious babies! If only they'd use paper boxes instead of the very eco-unfriendly styrofoam boxes. Mother Earth will surely not be happy about this. Going back to the takoyaki, I tried the Ham & Cheese first and I had a hard time determining if there was really ham added in it. I was cheezy instead though but a bit lacking in flavor.

Moving to the next one -- the Shrimp. I loved this! You can bite into the crisp piece of shrimp inside the perfectly grilled takoyaki ball. It was really really yummy most especially when you add a drop of hot sauce in it. Mmmmm...

Last was the original filling -- Octopus which was just as good as the Prawn as well.

For such a reasonable price, Wow Tako surely makes for a great mall snack. I love that they were very generous with the bonito flakes sprinkled on top of these takoyaki balls and it was also drizzled with Japanese soy sauce and mayonnaise giving it a delicious sweet-salty flavor.

Wow Tako has several outlets in a number of malls around Singapore such as Westgate, JCube, Bugis Junction, Junction 8, IMM, 313 Somerset and more. Be sure to head over to Wow Tako and have a box of takoyaki on your next shopping trip! 

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